While it was very divisive on its initial release, 1986 Transformers: The Movie Since then he has been welcomed with open arms by fans of Transformersand non-fans alike, certifying its place as a cult classic. With its beautiful and inventive animation, incredible action, likable characters, and darker tone, it has been hailed as the best. Transformers movie of all time (although the 2018 Bumblebee deserves to be considered for that title as well).

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With that kind of legacy, there are probably quite a few fans who would wonder what the movie would be like if it were made today and who could star in it. Fortunately, there is no shortage of great and talented actors working today who could take on the roles of some of the film’s heroic Autobots and Decepticon villains, not to mention Unicron.

10 Danny Pudi as Wheelie

An image of Danny Pudi alongside an image of Wheelie from The Transformers: The Movie.

Say that Wheelie is the least favorite character of most Transformers fans would come up short as the little Autobot became annoying due to his rhyming pattern and the fact that he often doesn’t contribute much to the stories he’s in. But for a theoretical remake, perhaps removing that speech pattern and turning it into a more eccentric comic relief role helping the other Autobots in its own way would substantially enhance his original character.

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Danny Pudi could make this version of Wheelie a much nicer character, as the Community Y Duck tales The actor’s hilarious and irreverent comedic pacing would lend itself well to Wheelie’s interactions with other characters like Grimlock and the other Dinobots.

9 Alan Tudyk as Wreck-Gar

An image of Alan Tudyk alongside an image of Wreck-Gar from The Transformers: The Movie.

Eric Idle made quite an impression as Junkion’s frontman Wreck-Gar in the original film, although if there’s anyone who could come close to his version of the character it’s Alan Tudyk. The consummate actor, who has lent his vocal talents to Disney films such as Frozen, Break up ralph, Y Big hero 6, is flawless for creating unique and varied voices for the characters you play.

There’s no question that he could embody Wreck-Gar’s eccentric speaking style and mannerisms, whether he follows the incarnation of Idle or puts his own spin on the role.

8 Ben Schwartz as Blurr

An image of Ben Schwartz alongside a Blurr image from The Transformers: The Movie.

Is it a coincidence to cast Sonic the HedgehogIs Ben Schwartz another blue sprinter? Maybe, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad choice.

The scene-stealing funnyman could certainly bring the same comic beat, sympathy, and charm as the lightning bolt that gave Sonic to the paranoid Autobot soldier Blurr.

7 John Krasinski as Springer

An image of John Krasinski as Jack Ryan alongside an image of Springer from The Transformers: The Movie.

The heroic triple changer Springer needs an actor who can pull off that combination of action star charisma and tough-as-nails attitude, and John Krasinski would certainly be up to the task. While he has taken on more serious and action-packed roles of late in the A peaceful place films (which he also directed) and Jack ryan, Krasinski always manages to retain that pleasant charm and wit that brought Jim Halpert in The Office.

That he bring That experience and those characteristics of Springer would help keep the character true to his roots and at the same time make him a fan favorite of old and new generations of fans alike.

6 Rosa Salazar as Arcee

An image of Rosa Salazar next to an image of Arcee.

Salazar is no stranger to portraying robotic beings, having memorably portrayed the title character in Alita: Battle Angel. It gave Alita a sense of warmth towards others, as well as a resilient attitude towards fighting for what she believed in, and it is those same traits that would make her the perfect choice for Arcee.

Not only that, but she was able to handle Alita’s badass moments without a hitch, and this might help her make this version of Arcee a little more in line with the characterization of Transformers: Prime.

5 Kurtwood Smith as Kup

An image of Kurtwood Smith from That '70s Show alongside an image of Kup from The Transformers: The Movie.

Kurtwood Smith has been an acclaimed actor for years, and he would be a great fit to follow in Lionel Stander’s footsteps as the ancient Autobot Kup. Smith is best known to fans of That 70’s show as Eric Forman’s father Red, and he was a constant scene stealer thanks to his character’s lovable cynical and irritable personality, though deep down, Red cared for those around him despite how little he seemed to show it.

That same attitude is essential to Kup’s character, and Smith could find the right way to show off Kup’s charm and heart of gold underneath his moody exterior.

4 Kevin Conroy as Ultra Magnus

An image of Kevin Conroy alongside an image of Ultra Magnus.

People like Robert Stack and Michael Ironside have lent their incredible talents to the role of Ultra Magnus, so it stands to reason that the character would be played by another powerful actor, which is Kevin Conroy. The man considered by many to be the ultimate Batman has all the right traits to play Magnus.

As seen in his iconic depictions of the caped crusader, Conroy’s voice dominates both the authority of others and their respect, and he has a seriousness towards him that emits nobility and the right amount of experience to show that he has been doing his job. . during years. It wouldn’t be hard to see Conroy doing the Ultra Magnus character justice like the previous actors before him.

3 Vincent D’Onofrio as Unicron

An image of Vincent D'Onofrio as Kingpin alongside an image of Unicron.

The late and great Orson Welles lent his iconic voice to the monster planet Unicron in the original film, giving the character the right kind of subtle threat of a creature who has no qualms about ingesting entire planets. It’s the kind of acting that not many could measure up to, but a high-caliber actor like Vincent D’Onofrio could emulate Welles’s version of the character while still making the role his own.

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Just look at D’Onofrio’s astonishing performance as Wilson Fisk / Kingpin on Netflix. Reckless to get an idea of ​​what he might bring to the role, as the actor gave Fisk a similar kind of calm and methodical yet unsettling presence that could easily turn into destructive anger. His voice alone would make her skin crawl in the same way that Welles and Unicron did.

two Willem Dafoe as Galvatron

An image of Willem Dafoe in The Lighthouse alongside an image of Galvatron.

As Galvatron, the late Leonard Nimoy gave a powerful performance that exemplified how much more dangerous and ruthless the villain was than he had been before as Megatron. So when it comes to looking for an actor who can bring a similar performance to the role, who would be more perfect than the Green Goblin himself?

Willem Dafoe would undoubtedly bring the right combination of megalomania and sinister charisma to the role of Galvatron and make him as intimidating and memorable an antagonist as Nimoy did.

1 Joe Keery as Hot Rod / Rodimus Prime

An image combined with an image of Joe Kerry from Stranger Things in the middle, an image of Hot Rod on the left, and an image of the transformed Rodimus Prime on the right.

Hot Rod is the moral center of the film, transitioning from a cheeky but well-meaning young Autobot to a more responsible and dedicated character before receiving the Matrix of Leadership, which transforms him into the new noble leader of the Autobots, Rodimus Prime. Like original actor Judd Nelson, the actor who plays Hot Rod needs to be able to appear as carefree and charismatic as Hot Rod, but he can also subtly grow and mature on screen while still maintaining that slight edge as Rodimus. .

Strange things Actor Joe Keery could then play both roles: As seen in that Netflix series, his character Steve Harrington started out as something of a jerk before turning into a more humble and caring character in later seasons.

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