Michael Dorn has a Star Trek record for his appearances as Worf, and now another actor is unlikely to break his record.

Michael Dorn has a record of Star trek appearances, and is unlikely to ever break. Dorn made a name for himself as Worf, the Enterprise’s Klingon chief of security, setting the standard for the Klingons as the species shifted from enemies to more complex allies in the past. The next generation. He continued his role through multiple Star trek series and movies, then joined the main cast of Deep space nine. Worf’s long and complicated history across multiple series has given Michael Dorn the record for most appearances on Star Trek, and no other actor would find it easy to catch up.

Over the course of two shows, Michael Dorn has played Worf in 272 episodes, the most appearances of any actor or character in the franchise. With rumors and theories that Worf may return in Picard, that record number may go even higher. Colm Meaney as Miles O’Brien is in second place, appearing in 211 episodes throughout The next generation Y Deep space nine, but that still puts Meaney over 60 episodes behind Michael Dorn.

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Given that even the second most prolific Star Trek actor would have to appear in dozens more episodes to catch up with Dorn, Worf’s record will stand for a long time. After the long pause between canceling Business and the resurgence of the franchise with Star Trek: Discovery, the format has changed to make another actor appear in 272 episodes almost impossible.

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Picard Discovery Star Trek

At the height of Star Trek in the ’80s and’ 90s, a series tended to have between 20 and 26 episodes per season, and The next generation, Deep space nine, Y Traveler they all ran seven long seasons. Worf had enough screen time to die four different times on Star Trek in various episodic plots. However, the newer series are much shorter and easier. Seasons of Discovery, Picard, Y Lower covers They are all between 10-15 episodes, leaving very little time for actors to rack up episode credits. Even if Colm Meaney were to return as O’Brien, he would have to appear in every episode throughout five or six seasons of a Star Trek series that is currently running to take the title of most appearances.

Michael Dorn now has an unbeatable record on Star Trek. With the current structure of the franchise’s streaming series, another actor would have to appear for many years in multiple series to get close to 272 episodes. Though fans hope Star trek will continue for many decades, Dorn is safe in the first place.

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