In the latest issue of Marvel’s Star Wars, Leia and the Rebels attempt to save Han Solo, though they are destined to fail him (at first).

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Star Wars # 14

In the latest issue of Marvel’s Star Wars, Leia Organa is determined to save Han Solo, who has been trapped in carbonite, but she and her fellow rebels are doomed to fail. In the days after The Empire Strikes Back, legendary bounty hunter Boba Fett lost Solo before handing him over to Jabba the Hutt, creating an opportunity for various beings across the galaxy to attempt to claim the smuggler for themselves in the new crossover event known as the Bounty hunter war. While Luke, Lando, and especially Leia are of course among those who want to save their friend, they have sadly already lost, and not just because fans know that they won’t be successful in saving Han until he’s already with Jabba during Return of the Jedi.

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Surprisingly, Han Solo was stolen from Boba Fett by none other than Crimson Dawn, having been reborn after hiding in the shadows for years. Led by Lady Qi’ra, Crimson Dawn correctly identifies Solo as the most valuable being in the galaxy. By stealing it from Fett, they hope to use it as the ultimate bargaining chip to re-legitimize their operations and their status in the galaxy as a whole. However, they have definitely created a bigger conflict than they had realized, potentially overestimating how far some players are willing to go to claim it, or in Fett’s case to get it back.

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Now, Leia has gotten the news that Crimson Dawn has Solo in Star Wars # 14 by Charles Soule and Ramon Rosanas, and believes that the time is right to save him. However, Luke can tell that Leia’s priorities are misplaced and her confidence has taken a hit. Her last encounter with the Empire Commander, Zahra, left her with a lack of hope, so she now desperately wishes to save Han (the love of her life) believing that her hope will be restored. However, the interim has seen her operate somewhat ineffectively as a leader, which does not instill the utmost confidence in her future success in saving Han.


Running to save Han certainly seems like a misstep, and the rest of the problem certainly supports that idea. Leia had chosen to use the Millenium Falcon for the mission out of sentiment for Han, though Lando comments that using such a familiar ship is a tactical mistake and a responsibility. Sure enough, they are attacked almost immediately upon arrival on the planet where Crimson Dawn is offering Han Solo to the galaxy for Black Sun, a major crime syndicate with ties to Crimson Dawn. Despite the crash landing near Dawn’s towering cruiser, Leia is unfazed and claims that the Rebels are Han’s only hope. However, it certainly seems that Han is the only hope for Leia to return to her normal self.

As if Leia’s complicated and compromising actions weren’t bad enough, fans already knew they were going to fail, as Han Solo’s rescue doesn’t happen until Return of the Jedi in Jabba’s palace. However, just because the final chapter is known doesn’t mean there won’t be any more surprises in store (like the Crimson Dawn reveal). What Bounty hunter war continues, I hope Leia can discover how to be the hero and great general that she has always been, with or without Han Solo in future editions of the Star Wars Serie.

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