Marvel cutting Thanos backstory worried Jim Starlin that Avengers: Infinity War would end up as Joss Whedon’s controversial Justice League.

Marvel Studios cutting back on Thanos’ backstory worried Jim Starlin that Avengers: infinity war would end up like Joss Whedon’s League of Justice. Joe and Anthony Russo’s 2018 movie had a lot at stake; In addition to reuniting the MCU when the Infinity Saga culminated, it also had to establish the Mad Titan as a worthy adversary. In the end, the blockbuster turned into a huge success, but before its release, the prolific comic book writer was concerned that this was not the case.

Infinity war released immediately after League of Justice Theatrical court. Launched in November 2017, the Warner Bros. and DC Films project was plagued with problems that continue to plague it until now. While Zack Snyder was credited as its director, Whedon decided on and assembled the final cut of the ensemble film, who made extensive new footage in post-production after his original filmmaker had to walk away from him. League of Justice turned into a total disappointment, with his overall incoherent storyline and ineffective villain, something Starlin feared would happen to him. Infinity war.

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Talking with Comic book, Starlin spoke about her concern when she learned that Marvel Studios was rejecting Thanos’s backstory from Infinity war. While he had no problem with most of the creative liberties that the Russians took for the film, see League of Justice on a plane made her worry after there was hardly any backstory for Steppenwolf in the Warner Bros. movie, either.

I did have some bad moments right before Infinity War though! I had been on set for the cameo filming, and I had filmed … I sat down and talked to the two writers, Markus and McFeely and quite a bit with Joe Russo. In Infinity War, they had had half an hour to cut, which was going to be Thanos’ backstory. Apparently, he was going to spend half an hour without the Avengers. So, I thought, “That’s very good.” Then I was on a plane and I saw the Justice League movie, and they just threw Steppenwolf in there at the end, and he does his thing. All in all, it was a bad movie. About a month before Infinity War came out, Russo said … let me know they had to cut Thanos’ half hour. All I could think of was, “OMG, that’s going to become the Justice League movie.”

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Overall, the Russians found a way to ensure that despite choosing not to traditionally show Thanos’s backstory, their motivations were clear. By using the Reality Stone on Titan, he explained what led him to Doctor Strange. Before that, Infinity war showed how exactly Gamora became his adopted daughter, something that was crucial to the story, as it was the only genuine relationship the Mad Titan had in the movie. Funny what it was all about in that half-hour deleted scene that focuses on the villain, whether or not he addresses his connections to the Eternals and how his crusade began. But, considering that the movie was already 2 hours and 40 minutes, including such a cutting arc would have made it significantly longer.

That said, there is still the argument that it would have been better if Marvel Studios had given Thanos his own source movie. That way, Avengers: infinity war He didn’t have to focus much on him, which allowed for more screen time for the heroes, especially since many of them were meeting each other for the first time. While this is totally fair considering how short a time Mad Titan had been in the MCU, at least the movie didn’t end up like Whedon’s. League of Justice as Starlin worried him.

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