Big Bang Theory It lasted 12 seasons and had 279 episodes to its name. The lives of Sheldon, Leonard, Penny and company. they were so entertaining and intricate that it was easy for fans to get attached to them. As a whole, it is difficult to determine who is the main character of TBBT it was, and it’s even harder to assume who had the most screen time.

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With Leonard as the core of the group, he could easily have had the most amount of screen time. But then there’s Sheldon, whose eccentricities make TBBT what it is known for. From the number of hours Depending on the number of episodes, the screen time of these characters varies by season.

Disclaimer: There is not enough evidence to support exactly how much screen time The Big Bang Theory characters had.

10 Emily Sweeney: “32 minutes”

Emily and Raj began dating in season 7 and split two seasons later, which was not an unpopular decision. They were a good couple while they lasted, but in the end Raj and Emily were too different to work romantically. Due to her departure after season 9 and her quick appearance in season 10, Emily was in 17 episodes and I had about 32 minutes of screen time total.

9 Barry Kripke: “3 hours, 2 minutes”

The Big Bang Theory Barry Kripke in Sheldon's Office

Barry Kripke is the gift that keeps giving. His gang-friendly banter at Caltech makes him a fan favorite. More importantly, he appears to be almost as smart as Sheldon. Sheldon was impressed by Kripke’s work and was intimidated working with him.

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Sadly, Barry didn’t get as much screen time as his fans would have preferred, but he sure made his presence known when he was on.

8 Stuart Bloom: “12 hours, 55 minutes”

Big Bang Theory

Stuart Bloom didn’t make himself known until Season 2 when Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj started visiting the comic book store more often. Slowly but surely, Stuart became a member of the group and began hanging out with them outside of work. She even moved in with Howard and Howard’s mother, which gave her even more screen time. Combined with his guest appearances and stories over the years, Stuart has been on screen for nearly 13 hours.

7 Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz: “32 hours, 20 minutes”

Bernadette smiling

Like Amy Farrah Fowler, Bernadette entered the series in season 3 as a friend of Penny from the Cheesecake Factory. After introducing Bernadette to Howard, Bernadette became a regular on the show and broke up with Howard, while also becoming best friends with Penny.

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Viewers were able to see some of the ins and outs of Bernadette’s work, but were more familiar with her relationship with Howard and her friendship with Penny. Those moments with her husband and the best gave her more than 30 hours of screen time.

6 Amy Farrah Fowler: “42 hours, 9 minutes”

Sheldon rubs Vicks on Amy's chest

Amy Farrah Fowler didn’t join the show until season 3, and even then it took her a while before she became a regular on the show. Sheldon always respected Amy, but didn’t know he was romantically ready for a relationship with her until he went on a date with Stuart.

However, Amy’s relationship with Sheldon (and her transforming character arc) gave her some great screen time, as did her time with the girls. Amy, Bernadette, and Penny’s girls’ nights were some of the best moments on the show and gave Amy the screen time she deserved.

5 Penny: “53 hours, 40 minutes”

What’s not to love when it comes to Penny? Sure, he’s had his selfish moments and moments of insecurity, but he was also one of the most relatable characters on the show. He wasn’t as smart as the boys, but he taught them a lot about life outside of work.

Due to Penny’s role as Sheldon and Leonard’s neighbor, Leonard’s love interest, and her impact on the group as a whole, Penny is one of the women with the most screen time.

4 Raj Koothrappali: “56 hours, 45 minutes”

Raj Koothrappali was also in every episode of the series. His good heart and willingness to do anything once are impressive. Fans have seen him do anything (and everything) Howard needed him to do, he had a cemetery date when he was in a relationship with Emily, and he’s not afraid to break the rules at work. However, it is his time with his friends that fans love the most. With more than “two days” of screen time, fans are always sick of Raj.

3 Howard Wolowitz: “57 hours, 41 minutes”

Howard dancing in his daughter's bedroom - the big bang theory

After being in 279 episodes, fans learned everything they needed to know about the one and only Howard Wolowitz. He’s quirky, outgoing, and a great wizard. Thanks to Howard’s work as an engineer and astronaut, and his relationship with Bernadette, Howard has more than 57 hours in front of the screen.

two Leonard Hofstadter: “65 hours and 42 minutes”

Leonard gives an interview on national public radio

Leonard is another character who has been in every episode of the series, including the unaired pilot. In fact, Johnny Galecki (Leonard) was one of the first Actors hired for the sitcom and they were always supposed to be Leonard. Due to his friendship with Leonard and the rollercoaster of a relationship with Penny, Leonard had plenty of screen time, estimated to be around 2 days, 17 hours, and 42 minutes.

1 Sheldon Cooper: “76 hours, 2 minutes”

Sheldon Cooper holding a yellow bowling shirt that reads The Wesley Crushers in The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon Cooper has been in every episode of Big Bang Theory from beginning to end. His on-screen moments were some of the most sincere and interesting because of how bright but out of touch he was. Fans have seen him excel at work, fall in love with Amy, and become a more caring and caring friend to Leonard. All moments equal days of screen time. According to Screen time data, Sheldon had “three days, four hours and two minutes” of screen time.

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