The Justice League’s most incredible asset allows them to fast-travel the world and beyond, but DC’s greatest heroes don’t put it to good use.

The Justice League has been the most prominent super-team in the DC Universe for a long time. However, not all members of the Justice League have the same structure, and the team has had to resort to some alternative methods to get around. For anyone who isn’t a speedster or can fly through space on their own, this is exactly where Justice League teleporters come into play. While they could be one of the greatest assets the League has ever had at its disposal, they are also criminally underused by DC’s greatest heroes.

First appearing in the 1970s Justice League of America # 78, the Justice League Teleporters were initially Thai in design before later iterations of the DC Universe were established in that they had been created by Martian scientists. These teleportation chambers proved invaluable to the Justice League, as they served as a way for heroes like Batman and Black Canary to traverse not only the world, but also the distance to and from the orbital headquarters of the League. While they have always played an important role, their use became even more important during the heyday of the International Justice League, although they weren’t always used in the most responsible way.

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In 1989 The Flash # 30 by William Messner-Loebs and Greg LaRocque saw Mary West, mother of the titular hero, reprogram Wally’s teleporter to transport her to and from Rome. Given that Wally West was a member of the Justice League of Europe at the time, this might not have seemed too strange a fact, if not for the fact that Mary was simply going shopping in Italy after a heated argument. with his son.

While the Justice League of America and its various branches have certainly made good use of their teleporters in the past, in recent years these devices have fallen out of favor, or at least in popularity. There is no doubt that members of the Justice League who need them still use teleporters to transport themselves to and from space or around the world in an instant, but it does not appear that the full range of their abilities has ever been reached. really touched, especially in contrast to how the world of the X-Men has been changed by their somewhat similar portal biotech.

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Since Krakoa’s founding as a sovereign mutant nation, the X-Men and their compatriots have made notable use of their own instant travel method: the Krakoan Gates. These doors to anywhere have been strategically placed throughout the world and even in realms beyond our own, such as the Otherworld. Anyone with an X-Gene can simply walk through the appropriate door and walk out onto the other side of the earth into another country, planet, or dimension, and this incredible technology has served to allow mutants to grow closer to each other, as well as to the rest of the world. the world around them. For what could easily have become a trick or a joke, the Krakoan gates have proven to be one of the most important tools the mutants have had at their disposal, while the Justice League has used their own teleporters for comedy. as often as for travel.

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle have had a lot of laughter at the expense of their teammates, thanks to the Justice League Teleporters, and they could be the two team members who have gotten the most use of the gadgets because of that. There are few iconic moments surrounding the League’s favorite mode of transportation, but the least mentioned, which seems like it shouldn’t be the case considering how incredible its purpose is in the first place. But for such powerful teams, it seems like a waste for the Justice League not to get more out of them.

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