In the MCU, the Chitauri are brutal and violent warriors, but their comic book counterparts are somehow even more terrifying and violent.

The A speaker made a big impression on fans in the first Avengers movie, but their comic book counterparts are much more twisted. In 2017 Thanos # 13By writer Donny Cates and artist Geoff Shaw, readers can see a short, but horrifying, glimpse of the Chitauri known only to comic book fans.

The Aliaen breed first appeared in 2002. The Ultimates 8 and were created by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch. Intended to be the Ultimate universe version of the Skrulls, the Chitauri then made the leap into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2012. the Avengers, where they were stormtroopers for Thanos. The Chitauri finally entered the main Marvel Comics universe in Nova # 3 and they have been part of the cosmic scene ever since. Several changes were made to the Chitauri on their debut, and readers can see some of these changes on display at Thanos # 13.

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The problem starts with Thanos, who has no connections to the Chitauri in the comics at the moment, attacking their home world. Before doing so, an anonymous narrator describes the Chitauri in gruesome detail, describing their “vast” armies of starships stolen from other races. The narrator also describes his bioengineered weapons; Readers also learn that Chitauri’s homeworld has dropped several hundred degrees below zero for years, and they don’t care. The Chitauri also capture and enslave other species, forcing them to fight in gladiator-style combat. The blood spilled in these contests freezes in midair, creating what the narrator describes as “beautiful red snowflakes.” The Chitauri then collect these small snowflakes, which they call “War Snow” and feed them to their young, serving as a form of initiation into this warrior culture.

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The Chitauri, as seen in the MCU, were terrifying enough – they were apparently mindless brutes in Thanos’ service. When the decision was made to bring them to Earth-616, the Chitauri were greatly altered, making them even more scary. They were still brutal warriors, but now they enslaved people, forced them to fight, and then used the blood as food for their young. Fans heard how vicious the Chitauri were in the movies, but the comics Show how evil the Chitauri really are. MCU movies are also held back by PG-13 ratings, limiting what they can show. Comics, which are not bound by such a system, can explore the true depths of Chitauri brutality.

The Chitauri blazed a path of destruction through New York City in The Avengers, and the Chitauri from the comics do the same. However, the comic book version of the A speaker They also enslave other species and feed their young, making them much more vicious and terrifying.

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