Death Stranding Director’s Cut has received an ESRB rating that appears to confirm PS5 exclusivity, but a PC version may not need rating.

The game’s visionary director, Hideo Kojima, made a brief appearance at the Summer Games Fest Kickoff Live show to offer a few words about the state of game development during the pandemic and to introduce the trailer for Death Stranding Director Cut. The teaser was a bit strange, which is not entirely surprising coming from the promotional material for a game as strange as Death stranded. Protagonist Sam Bridges spent much of the trailer dumping a box full of oranges before climbing onto it and then back outside.

There hasn’t been much information on exactly what Director’s Edition It will imply beyond the fact that it is a version tailor-made for the PlayStation 5, although it did throw fuel on the fire of the Kojima / Blue Box conspiracy theory. Many have been wondering if the Director’s Edition It’s also coming to PC, as the original release lost its PS4 exclusivity last year. Death Stranding Director Cut however, it has just been rated by the ESRB, and the list is not promising for aspiring PCs.

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The ESRBofficial ranking lists “Playstation 5“as the only platform for the game. Director’s Edition It has been announced as a next-gen upgrade to Kojima Productions’ newest title. The PS5’s adaptive triggers and haptic feedback are expected to be implemented, but DualSense is also PC compatible, so there are no hardware limitations to explicitly prevent this in a PC version.

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Death Stranding director’s cut could also be a timed exclusive

Death Stranding: PS5 Director's Cut Announced

One possibility is that Death Stranding Director Cut It will be a timed exclusive on PS5, just like the original release was for the PS4. Perhaps Sony thinks that an improved version of the game will convince gamers to buy a PS5, which would be a strange strategy since it has been a struggle to get the new Playstation console from resellers to get into the hands of gamers. Still, another exclusive under the PS5 belt for a while is always a good marketing show.

It is also entirely possible that Death Stranding Director Cut it does not require an ESRB rating on the PC, as long as it comes in the form of a DLC or an update. According to the ESRBon the FAQ page, downloadable content only requires another rating if “exceeds the rating assigned to the ‘basic’ product. “The PC version of Death stranded already has an M rating for “Blood, Intense Violence, Partial Nudity, Strong Language. “The game received the exact same rating on PS5, but required it because it counts as a separate version. This leaves hope for the possibility that the game will appear on the PC as a paid add-on or even as an update, but the former seems more likely if meaningful content is added to Death Stranding Director Cut.

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Source: ESRB (Classification, Frequently asked questions)

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