Justin lin is an important part of the Fast and Furious film franchise. He first joined the team to direct the 2006 release, Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. That movie is the lowest-earning of the group, grossing about $ 159 million worldwide, but from there it went up, up, up. Lin is next Fast film, 2009 Fast and Furious, brought the series one step closer to blockbuster status and then Fast five It essentially launched it into the stratosphere, putting it on the path to becoming one of the highest-grossing movie series out there. Lin then solidified that status with the hugely successful 2013 release, Fast and Furious 6.

After that, Lin went to work on someFast projects like Real detective Y Star trek beyond, but now he’s back just in time to steer the series toward its grand finale. F9 is slated to hit theaters on June 25, and from there, Lin is expected to wrap up the series with Fast and furious 10 Y Fast and furious 11.

Anna Sawai, Michelle Rodríguez and Jordana Brewster in F9

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In celebration of the launch of F9, Jordana Brewster joined us for an episode of Collider Ladies Night. The conversation chronicles his journey in the franchise thus far, but we also took a moment to look forward to those final films, and specifically why Lin is the one who will direct them. Brewster began by highlighting some qualities of Lin that make him an outstanding leader for a franchise like this:

“The stakes are high and there are many things he has to deal with and yet he is the calmest; Again, I keep bringing out his integrity. Like the fact that there are actors from Annapolis who are in Fast and Furious 9. And I was like, ‘Oh my God, in the flashback, I admit it!’ That says a lot about him. He is the most loyal, serene, he has not changed in the last 15 years that I have known him. So he’s the right guy to run this franchise. ”

In case you were wondering, Annapolis the actor is Jim parrick. Place Kenny Linder in F9, an antagonist of Vinnie bennett Y Find Cole They shine big as young Dom and young Jakob respectively.

Michelle Rodríguez and Jordana Brewster in F9

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Brewster went on to go through a list of things that make Lin the ideal director for these movies, including his drive to make sure everything in them is perfect, no matter how long it takes:

“He is our leader and is capable of handling every element that comes his way. I’ve never seen him lose it and that’s crazy. He is also a great worker. During the pandemic I went through him a couple of times and once it was safe to go out to dinner, I said, ‘Okay, let’s all go out to dinner,’ and he said, ‘No, I’m still working.’ in the movie. And I was like, ‘What could you still be working on? Justin, it’s in the can! And he says, ‘No, no, no. There are still things to modify. So he’s a perfectionist and he works hard, and it shows. It shows in the movie. ”

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After singing Lin’s praise to such an extent, I had to ask Brewster if someone else could close the saga with those last two films or if it absolutely must be Lin. This is what he said:

“No, because the other thing that is really shown in 9 is all the characters, because now there are many of us, right? There is Natalie [Emmanuel]The character, there’s Tyrese, there’s Chris Bridges, it’s me. There are so many characters you have to serve and he manages to do just that. Everyone has a bow, everyone gets their action scene. That’s so hard to do, and he does it. ”

Brewster also teased something staunch fans of the franchise should look forward to in F9 which she attributes largely to Lin:

“The other thing he does in this one, which is really cool, is that there are Easter eggs for all the super fans. I mean, there are even things in there that I don’t understand. I say, ‘What does that mean?’ And, ‘Wait, let’s clear this timeline’, because I literally need it on index cards. It can be very confusing, but he keeps track of everything and puts in little nuggets that will really reward die-hard fans. ”

Jordana Brewster in F9

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In case you need to emphasize this further, Brewster is very much Lin’s team for Fast and furious 10 Y Fast and furious 11:

“No one else should be in control of this universe, absolutely not.”

If you’re looking for more from Brewster, stay tuned! We’ll have your full conversation about Collider Ladies Night as we get closer to the June 25 release of the new movie.

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