Weapon X and Final Flight reveal that in the world without Avengers, Weapon X is a nation’s only hope against the Supreme Squad.

WARNING: The following contains the main spoilers for Heroes Reborn: Weapon X & Final Flight # 1 by Ed Brisson, Roland Boschi, Chris O’Halloran, and VC’s Cory Petit, on sale now.

Almost every corner of the Marvel Universe has been reshaped in one remarkable way or another in the world of Heroes reborn, and that also applies to the Great White North. Canada has become a bleak and barely recognizable version of what it was after a relentless invasion led by Supreme Squad. With the attacking forces proving too powerful to be repelled by conventional means, a new generation of heroes was created to defend the country, and the scientists behind the project are the same as those behind the Weapon X program.

Years have passed since Alpha Flight and the Squadron Supreme clashed. What was supposed to be the previous team’s last battle against injustice ended up being their biggest victory after Logan took down Hyperion with the help of one of Shaman’s enchantments. The Squad has never abandoned that defeat, and in the years since it has continued to hunt Alpha Flight across the country, wandering soldiers breaking down doors and taking anyone who supports the heroes as prisoners. Jumping from one shelter to another under the cover of night has weighed them all, although it is a burden they decided to carry. It was also given to them by Professor Truett Hudson, one of the founders of the Weapon X program.

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In the primary Marvel Universe, Professor Hudson was first introduced alongside the Weapon X program in 1992’s “Weapon X: Prologue” by Barry Windsor-Smith in Marvel Comics Gifts # 72. As an advisor to the United States government during the final years of World War II, Hudson was one of the first scientists to work on Project: Rebirth, which gave birth to Captain America and was later renamed Weapon I Throughout the years. the Weapon Plus program developed several less successful super-soldiers after Steve Rogers’ transformation, until his incredible success with Weapon X, also known as Logan.

While the primary Marvel Universe’s Weapon Plus program has been much more of an antagonistic than a benevolent force over the years, it is evident that the Weapon X program of Heroes reborn it is a departure from its predecessor. Not only was Weapon X’s version of this world founded under the auspices of fighting a terrorist threat, but its members were chosen with the utmost care and consideration. Professor Hudson reminds Logan of this, and that it is up to him to keep the team together and on the right track.

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For all the horror and anguish that the primary Marvel Universe’s Weapon Plus program has unleashed, it is astonishing to see it become such a powerful force for good in this reality. Few if any other figures in the original timeline have received such a compassionate makeover, and the people behind Weapon X are, quite frankly, the least deserving of such an altruistic fate.

It can only be assumed if this version of the program would suffer the same kind of crash as its counterpart. Perhaps Weapon X is essentially what humanity needs to withstand the barbarous onslaught of figures posing as the world’s most powerful heroes in this reality: a ruthless organization hell-bent on doing whatever it takes to survive.

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Wolverine: Alpha Flight reveals the reborn war of the heroes of the Supreme Squad

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