The second trailer of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 introduced a new style for Link that caught everyone off guard. At some points in the trailer, she is sporting a toga-like blouse and long flowing hair, rather than wearing her hair up and armor as players saw in the first game. Interestingly, there are shots in the trailer showing both versions of this drastically different Link in which the only similarity they have is an altered right arm. This is the first of many clues to suggest that BOTW 2 it will have two links.

At the beginning of Link’s journey in Breath of the wild, Impa tells the story of Calamity Ganon’s first attempt to take over Hyrule. He was defeated by the combined efforts of the people of Hyrule, a group of heroes, the power of the Hylian princess, and the ancient hero who wielded the “sword that seals the darkness.“After this, the hero became a myth and Calamity Ganon remained sealed for 10,000 years, until he escaped during the Great Calamity.

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While the time period in which this event took place is not directly stated, there is evidence both in the BOTW 2 trailer and the first BOTW game that suggests that it is a moment, and Link, that the players have already experienced. An example is the ruins of the Temple of Time, which show that the events unfolded in Ocarina of time It happened a long time ago, long enough that there are no more stories about the Hero of Time. However, time still plays an important role, as Link sees it using his arm to manipulate time, and that detail is the key to understanding how. BOTW 2 will have two links and what that means for the story.

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How and why BOTW 2 will have two links

Theory: Breath Of The Wild 2 Will Have More Than One Link

Since the launch of Breath of the wild, fans have been trying to figure out where the game fits in the The legend of Zelda timeline. This was quite a complicated task due to this Hyrule having characteristics of all three timelines, which ultimately leaves most to agree that BOTW represents the unification of the three timelines, although it has not yet been completed. This becomes clear when Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity divided the timeline by changing the events of the Great Calamity; however, that division made it easier than ever for the timeline to resolve itself. This is thanks to the time manipulation that occurred in the original. Hyrule Warriors.

This title represented the last time that Ganondorf would plague Hyrule before being defeated by Zelda, Link, and characters from all over time and space, including Midna and Fi, even Ganondorf joined forces with Sword to the sky Lord Ghirahim and twilight princessZant. Ganondorf, then the Dark Beast Ganon, was finally defeated and sealed by the combined power of the Triforce and Link returning the Master Sword to its stone pedestal, which is also maliciously filtered. To put it another way, Hyrule Warriors tells the story of an ancient hero and princess who, with the help of powerful allies, defeat and seal Ganon, much like the legend told by Impa and the ancient tapestry.

Ganondorf’s appearance in the first BOTW 2 The trailer led many to believe that he was twilight princessGanondorf because the sealing hand was focused on the place where Link stabbed his chest, but this place is also where the Triforce unleashed its power on Hyrule Warriors Ganondorf even have the same long hair and jewelry. While these are probably the Ganondorf themselves, BOTW 2 it will not have the same links. Instead, the second link shown in the new trailer may actually be Heaven’s Hero from Sword to the sky.

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The clearest connection is the opening shot of Link falling through the clouds towards floating islands in exactly the same way he did in Sword to the sky, even with a type of robe similar to the one seen in Skyloft. There is also the matter of the islands themselves, which initially indicated that Hyrule had changed drastically, but none of them appeared in the background of any shot in which Link is on the ground, suggesting that this is a completely different time, possibly due to time manipulation. of the two Hyrule Warriors games breaking the timelines together. The green arm that had been holding Ganondorf for centuries probably belongs to the Hero of Heaven.

Green energy is associated with spirits throughout The legend of Zelda franchise, like the spirits of Hylian, Midna in twilight princessand King Rhoam in BOTW. This, combined with the conscious act of grabbing Link’s arm in the trailer, suggests that this arm belongs to the active spirit of someone powerful, such as the Hero of Heaven. This would be possible due to the first Link’s deep connection to the Triforce and the Master Sword, both of which were used to seal Demise and Ganon, which could have imbued these powerful relics with their spirit. It’s also worth noting that the mummified Ganondorf is filtering malice directly where the spectral hand holds, alluding to the constant struggle between Link and Demise that has persisted up to this point.

Theory: Breath Of The Wild 2 Will Have More Than One Link

When this Ganondorf escapes, the spirit will approach the Hero of nature and unite their spirits. This would be possible, and crucial, due to Sword to the sky showing Link’s competence with time manipulation, twilight princess establishing that Links can interact with each other through training with the Hero’s Spirit, and the return of a Ganondorf who can no longer contain Demise’s malice. The Hero of Heaven has been the only Link who has defeated an enemy with the power of a god and with the threat of that power returning, he will work with his powerful descendant to fight Ganondorf, and possibly even Demise, once again. .

Time has always been complicated but consistent in The legend of Zelda, having been a malleable part of this world from the beginning. On Ocarina of time, Sheik comments that Link reminds them of an ancient Hero of Time, whom many have come to believe is the Hero of Heaven since he was the first to use the Gate of Time. This machine also has a design reminiscent of the Twili, Zonai and the green hand itself. These connections go on and on and paint a compelling picture of two links, one from the past and one from the future, connecting through time and space to defeat the most powerful forms of Ganon. The legend of Zelda have you ever met.

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