Hollywood rising star Rachel Zegler has been cast by Disney as Snow White in an upcoming live-action remake of the animated classic.

Disney has cast rising Hollywood star Rachel Zegler to play her White as snow in an upcoming live action remake. Zegler will make her film debut later this year as Mary in Steven Spielberg’s remake of West Side Story, which is scheduled to hit theaters on December 10. Now, it seems that Zegler has landed another major role before his first movie is released.

It may seem strange at first glance that a 20-year-old actor without an actual on-screen resume gets so many big roles, but that’s the x-factor for Zegler, who has quickly become a sensation on the internet and beyond. When she was still a teenager, Zegler gained her leadership West Side Story role of more than 30,000 competitors after Spielberg submitted an open casting call online. Apparently, the first images of his performance in West Side Story helped convince Disney that she, too, is the right woman to bring Snow White back to the big screen.

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For Term, Zegler has been cast as the original Disney princess in an upcoming live-action remake. The film will be directed by Marc Webb (500 days of summer, The amazing Spider Man), produced by Marc Platt (La La Land, The Chicago 7 trial) and will feature new original songs from the acclaimed duo Benj Pasek and Justin Paul (La La Land, Best showman, Dear Evan Hansen). According to the report, the production of the new Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs movie will start in 2022.

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Given Disney’s recent trend of bringing back old animated classics into live action, the move into a new White as snow It shouldn’t be a big surprise. Previous examples like Cinderella Y Beauty and the Beast They’ve done very well for Disney at the box office, and excitement is already building around the live action. Little Mermaid remake currently in development. As the film that kicked off Disney’s long legacy of princess movies, White as snow it was destined to resurrect sooner or later. The bigger question is how Disney will tailor the story to make it exciting for new audiences, a feat previously attempted by the Kristen Stewart-directed film. Snow white and the hunter in 2012.

Relevance is something new White as snow The story may have some trouble holding on to, but casting Zegler is a great first step to achieving it. He’s already become one of the defining stars of the present moment, even before his first movie hits theaters. By casting her, Disney has also continued its recent trend of bringing in more actors of color to play historically white roles, adding much-needed diversity to the company’s set of young royalty. The new White as snow Production will reportedly begin in 2022.

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Source: Deadline

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