Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were quick to turn on Erika Jayne after her legal troubles became known, and this may be why.

Viewers of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Everyone is aware of the legal issues surrounding current housewife Erika Jayne, and it seems fans had no problem quickly turning against her. While you may have a group of followers standing by your side, most seem to have turned their backs on you and are quick to assume you are guilty. The question is, why was it so easy for fans of the show?

Erika Jayne is slowly beginning to reveal her history and legal issues in RHOBH, And fans are not convinced that she is as innocent as she claims to be. As many know, the housewife and her now ex-husband Tom Girardi are in the middle of a messy lawsuit. The two have been accused of embezzlement and their divorce seems to get complicated by the minute. What’s interesting is that while Erika seemed to have a lot of fans who loved her straightforward personality from her time on the show, it seems like not many people are sticking around with her as the details about her legal issues unfold.

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A big reason it’s so easy for fans of the show to turn on Erika is that they think she is too. “sharp and calculated not to have known some shady shit was going on, “according to a Reddit thread. This is likely Erika’s fault for being so vocal on the show about not putting up with falsehood and being able to see through people what they really are. If all of this is true, it’s a bit hard for fans to believe that she was truly blind and clueless about what was going on behind the scenes in her marriage.

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Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi RHOBH

Another reason fans turned so easily on Erika is that she was never truly honest and open on the show. The housewife, who has been nicknamed ‘Ice Queen’ in the past, always has a wall up, trying to protect herself and her emotions. Erika has even talked about the fact that she never had a group of girlfriends that she dated throughout her life, so she felt out of place when she was with the group and was vulnerable. While this may be due to past difficulties and problems in your life growing up, this unfortunately does not help you. It is difficult to relate to someone who is afraid to open up completely with viewers.

While Erika may very well be innocent, she really shouldn’t be surprised that fans are having a hard time defending her. It’s hard for people to trust someone when they feel like they never had a chance to meet that person. Perhaps the best thing for Erika would be to really start opening up in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11, although it may be too late at this point.

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