The legend of Zelda Games have always had catchy background music, thanks in large part to the legendary Nintendo and Zelda composer Koji Kondo. Games often have signature instruments as part of the story, allowing for different styles of music resulting in unique songs with exotic twists.

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The legend of Zelda the music always fits the game very well. Since the background music is an accompaniment to the action on the screen, it should be catchy and, at the same time, something gamers won’t tire of hearing over and over again. This has grown into a vast collection of original and catchy tracks throughout the series.

10 “Lake Hylia” from Twilight Princess is a relaxing and melodious tune

Legend of Zelda link by boat hylia lake

The serene “Lake Hylia” was composed by Toru Minegishi for twilight princess. The synth keyboard gives an expansive feel, like a bird flying above the lake, while the layered melody is catchy and at the same time relaxing, the reverb evokes a feeling of being surrounded by water.

The only percussion is the soft beat of a tambourine, as the strings enter midway to take the ear on an uplifting journey.

9 It’s hard not to touch “Zora’s Domain” from Ocarina Of Time

The Legend of Zelda domain link of zora and zora

Appearing for the first time in Ocarina of time, this ethereal theme plays when Link is in Zora’s domain. The relaxing melody sounds like something you might hear in the Caribbean. Steel drums and bongos give it a tropical flair, while the acoustic guitar plays a bright, melodic tune to create a true pounding.

“Zora’s Domain” also appeared in twilight princess and again in Breath of the wild, albeit with a slightly different appearance, with the melody modified and with more synth added.

8 Spirit Tracks’ “Realm Overworld” Offers Catchy Tunes For Those Long Train Rides

The signature instrument of Spirit tracks It was the pan flute, which really complemented traveling across vast stretches of land on a train. The fact that train rides could be quite long meant that the music had to be energetic and have variety, which makes “Realm Overworld”.

Running for just over 4 minutes, it slows down in half before being rebuilt like a train would – tailored to the game it appears in – creating the incredibly catchy and gradually building anticipation of the lead tune.

7 Twilight Princess’s “Midna’s Lament” is catchy but haunting

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Link and Midna

twilight princess may be one of the darkest Zelda game of the series, but still has many catchy songs, “Midna’s Lament” is one of them. The messy melody perfectly suits the character of Midna.

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The song plays when Wolf Link brings the dying Midna to Princess Zelda. Listening to it, you are not quite sure where the melody is going, what note will appear next, just as Link does not know if Midna will survive.

6 Ocarina Of Time’s “Song Of Storms” takes you for a spin

Windmill Legend of Zelda ocarina of time

“Song of Storms” sounds cheerful The legend of Zelda song that has been twisted and turned on its head to sound vaguely haunting while still being funny. This makes the track perfectly suited to be the background music for the windmill, where Phonogram Man lives. Ocarina of time.

The repeating background accordion makes players feel like they’re on a merry-go-round, going up and down and round and round, disorienting.

5 Majora’s Mask “Astral Observatory” is an unconventional gift

The legend of the astral observatory of the mask of Zelda majora

“Astral Observatory” sounds like an unconventional lullaby. The harpsichord gives it a medieval feel, while the chord progression creates an uncomfortable feeling on the listener. Play in the background as Deku Link explores the Astral Observatory outside the walls of Clock Town.

The observatory houses a giant telescope, music complements the magic of stargazing. It is a simple and catchy tune that is enjoyable to listen to over and over again.

4 The Legend Of Zelda’s “Overworld” is still Zelda’s best-known theme song

The legend of Zelda

The NES did not have the ability to play recorded instruments; his songs were in 8 bits. This forced Koji Kondo, the song’s composer, to create a catchy melody, something that was distinctive and recognizable and didn’t just blend into the background.

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The “Overworld Theme” first appeared on The legend of Zelda but since then it has been used in several other games in the series to become the iconic The legend of Zelda theme. One of the most important and catchy songs in the history of video games.

3 Ocarina Of Time’s “Lost Woods” is a happy and sinister melody

Legend of Zelda ocarina of time lost woods

On Ocarina of time, Skull Kid plays a mischievous and joyous tune on his flute as Link passes the Lost Woods. Starting out as a carefree walk through the woods, in the last bars an arpeggio creeps and the rhythm of the tambourine is interrupted as if now we are lost and have stopped short to see if something follows us.

A simple yet atmospheric song that does a lot with very little, it’s hard not to hum it or not get stuck in your head for days.

two Ocarina Of Time’s “Gerudo Valley” inspired a generation to pick up the guitar

Legend of Zelda ocarina of time gerudo valley

Emblematic of the Legend of Zelda series as a whole, this background music was undoubtedly the inspiration for many Zelda fan to catch the guitar. The fast pace and flamenco feel of “Gerudo Valley” are so distinctive.

Full of castanets, Spanish horns and flamenco guitar, it is a testimony of the Japanese songwriter Koji Kondo who was able to create such an original Latin song but with an authentic sound.

1 The Wind Waker’s “Dragon Roost Island” is a fan favorite with good reason.

Legend of Zelda wind waker dragon roost island

It’s not hard to see why “Dragon Roost Island” is a fan favorite. It is catchy and memorable, with the main melody played on the pan flute, which plays on a mandolin and castanets.

Dragon Roost Island is home to the Rito tribe, and since the Rito appear in Breath of the wild the theme “Rito Village” is a kind of retaliation or continuation of the theme that appeared on The Wind Waker.

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