The new trailer for The Suicide Squad continues James Gunn’s tradition of using music prominently, but this time it went off-script with an original song.

James Gunn’s Final Trailer Suicide squad it’s finally here, with a ton of scandalous new visuals, an ass joke, and a typically front-and-center song. As you would expect of anything from musical magpie Gunn, who, of course, was the driving force behind Guardians of the galaxyAwesome Mix Tapes: The trailer uses their song to great effect, but it’s a departure from the director’s usual approach.

Previous Gunn trailers, including the first of Suicide squad, everyone has used old songs in the same vein as The awesome mix. Guardians of the Galaxy got a huge reaction thanks to Blue Swede’s “Hooked on a Feeling”, while the first teaser for the sequel debuted with Sweet’s “Fox on the Run.” He even gave the Guardians their own soundtrack hook on Avengers: infinity war thanks to Detroit Spinners “Rubberband Man” for an instant cheer effect. In short, the director knows exactly how to weaponize musical nostalgia for his storytelling. On Suicide squad trailer 1 got a bit more on the nose with Steely Dan’s “Dirty Work” as a kind of anti-call to arms against Amanda Waller.

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For the final trailer of Suicide squadHowever, Gunn has taken a completely different path, using an original song composed specifically for the film and never discussed before. The only announcement Gunn has made alluding to the surprise of this original song was when he tweeted about one of his “current favorite music artists wrote and recorded a song for #TheSuicideSquad and I feel like I’m so close to a pop classic it’s burning my brain. “He also said the soundtrack”actually features TWO of my new favorite artists who I’ve professed love for in the past. “Use of the trailer”Rain” for grandchild song would seem to confirm him as one of those new favorite artists and the fact that it features the singer Jessie reyez suggests that it can be both.

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Daniela Melchior as Ratcatcher in The Suicide Squad

While it’s different from Gunn to go with something original, it’s not a bad move to confirm that Suicide squad it’s going to be different than what you’ve done before. There are likely significant comparisons to what Gunn has done to Marvel’s Guardians, even if Suicide squad it looks significantly darker and more outlandish thanks to its R rating. Putting in some original music for that purpose makes perfect sense.

As for the song itself, the hook of “Sometimes I don’t care about the rain, it’s the only way roses bloomIt fits in with the ominous suggestion that each of the main characters could be up to the task. Gunn himself has already warned fans not to get too attached to his characters, as all the Suicide Squads could be eliminated and, although La New life after trauma is good, rather it confirms that “rain” is inevitable. Interestingly, that line is also the title of a song from 2002 (“I Don’t Mind (The Rain)”) whose chorus repeats “Sometimes I don’t care about the rain. ” If it is a conscious tribute worked on Suicide squad The trailer remains to be seen.

To hear Grandson’s “Rain” featuring Jessie Reyez, you can head over to Spotify, where it has now been uploaded, or listen to it in full on YouTube below.

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