At X-Corp, a pair of Marvel’s most notorious mutant villains returned to crash the X-Men’s Hellfire Gala with their own dark designs.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for X-Corp # 2 by VC’s Tini Howard, Alberto Foche, Sunny Gho, Tom Muller and Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

While most of the Marvel mutants are enjoying the Hellfire Gala festivities or working behind the scenes, Angel, Monet, and the other X-Corp mutants are struggling to build Krakoa’s new business. Unfortunately, every big party is sure to have a few uninvited guests, and the Hellfire Gala is no exception.

And in X-Corp # 2, Andreas and Andrea von Strucker, Fenris, crash into the Hellfire Gala to steal some of X-Corp’s secrets for their own company, Fenris Consulting.

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Gala Fenris Hellfire

While Monet St. Croix and Angel have been busy attending various meetings at the Hellfire Gala, their young hire Trinary alerts them to a disturbance on the terrace away from the main event. When they leave, they find Quentin Quire holding Fenris at bay with his psychic powers. While their mutant status means the Strucker Twins were invited, their presence put X-Corp on edge. When they try to make their way into X-Corp, Monet simply tells them that he finds them morally repulsive, before moving on to his previous engagements with Angel.

Given its history, it is not difficult to understand why its presence would not exactly be welcomed in Krakoa. Introduced in 1985 Uncanny X-Men # 194 by Chris Claremont and John Romita Jr., Andreas and Andrea Strucker are the sons of the classic Hydra frontman, Baron Wolfgang von Strucker. While still in the womb, the twins were genetically modified by Strucker’s fellow villain, Arnim Zola, to carry an active X-Gene. Like their father, the Strucker Twins are often ruthless hate mongers who have dedicated themselves to the same despicable cause. However, Fenris has almost always been as ineffective in achieving his goals as his father, even in The Gifted, where they were a pair of mid-century mutant criminals.

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Angel Andreas Von Strucker Fenris

After the Struckers met with a representative from a human pharmaceutical company, the couple broke up. While Andreas keeps Angel busy, Andrea disappears into the secret X-Corp headquarters, which is filled with proprietary information and is currently only guarded by Krakoan gates. Soon enough, Andrea shows up to make X-Corp show up for top-level corporate espionage. However, Monet is only seconds behind her, while Angel and Mastermind deal with Andreas at the party.

Although Fenris makes a deal with a human company, the X-Corp heroes quickly deal with them. This event is also going to erase the faint streak of nobility that Andreas displayed as the swordsman of the Thunderbolts. Even after Killgrave was defeated, Andreas stayed with the team until he was killed by Norman Osborn, who had disbanded the Thunderbolts to make room for his own Dark Avengers.

While the Stucker Twins may be capable combatants, they were still no match for the X-Corp mutants, not in the boardroom or on the battlefield. Over the years, Fenris has been more of a nuisance than an existential threat, but his new alliance with a human company could spell big trouble for Krakoa.

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