Weather Younger he was supposed to focus on Liza’s career, the focus really shifted to her love life. In fact, the love triangle between her, Josh and Charles kept viewers glued to their screens for seven seasons to find out who, if anything, it might end up with. And while Liza spent much of the series dating either of those two men, she also had breaks in between where she enjoyed the company of other men. Some were short-lived romances, some were longer relationships, and some didn’t even make it to the first date, for various reasons.

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Now that the show is over, and as fans search for another similar series to fill the void, it’s a good time to look back on Liza’s many romances. It’s no wonder Josh and Charles are at the top when it comes to their love interests, but where do the others fall?

8 Sebastian

In the woman and man sitting in a restaurant

Sebastian is undoubtedly at the bottom of the list, he probably shouldn’t even be there, for numerous reasons. First, he and Liza just shared an innocent kiss and flirtation. That said, there was a mutual interest and it was obvious that Liza was starting to feel like she might actually start something with the handsome pastor who lived off the grid.

But when Liza returned to complete some missing paperwork, she found Sebastián in a compromising position with one of his sheep. It was obvious that he was not the man she thought he was, which caused her to abandon not only any thoughts of a relationship with him, but the book contract as well.

7 David miller

Liza's ex-husband David laughing with her at Younger's dinner

David had a ridiculous charm: he was the cheesy father who really loved his wife and daughter and realized that he had made mistakes in the past. You get points for that. However, he also tore his family apart by not only cheating on Liza but also risking his livelihood thanks to his gambling problem.

If David showed that he could really turn around and have changed, he might have had a higher place on the list. But although he seemed to be a wonderful father, he was no longer the right man for Liza.

6 Don ridley

Liza and Don Ridley at a press party about Younger

Don Ridley initially seemed like a sweet writer who had just been through hard times. His dinner and his run was one of the worst first dates on the show, even if, true to her personality, Liza, who was one of the funniest characters on the show, actually found it funny.

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He was also brave when he revealed to her that he was struggling in his career and effectively living off free food and gift bags from press events. But he crossed the line when he wrote a story about Liza after discovering her real age, completely betraying her trust.

5 Diego

The actor who plays Diego in Younger wearing a suit

There was something interesting about the character of Diego, a mysterious real estate developer who looked just as tall, dark, and handsome as Charles. He strutted around in a three-piece suit and looked like he might be a true rival to Charles for Liza’s affection.

In fact, he crawled into bed with Diego, though it was revealed before he was put back into his clothes that he was actually married. While Liza was all about being wild and carefree, she wasn’t interested in being the other woman in any setting, especially after being cheated on before.

4 Kai manning

It was exciting for Liza to spend time in a beautiful house by the water with a famous surfer who apparently lived life the way he wanted. He inspired her. And while she initially rejected his advances, Liza ultimately decided to give in and undergo a totally wild and passionate weekend.

He was handsome, fit, full of positive energy, and talented. But it was all too good to be true, as Liza discovered when she found her strange perversions in her old diaries. They did not include incredible stories from his travels around the world, but just a collection of lude’s doodles recounting his many sexual adventures.

3 Jay malick

Liza and Kay laughing together at Younger's bar

Until the end, Jay was completely genuine with Liza. He knew the truth about her and had no desire to blackmail her, hurt her, or use the information against her. In fact, he even stepped in at a party to save her when she was cornered because of her true age. He was aware that she was worried and would stress easily, two of her worst traits, and he did what he could to help her in those moments when she was around.

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But chemistry was lacking, and things came to a halt when Jay realized that Liza was still in love with Charles. He did the right thing and mature and let her go, even though he still had feelings for her.

two Charles brooks

Man with beige jacket and woman with blonde / brown hair

On paper, Charles made the most sense to Liza. He was closer to her in age than Josh, handsome, talented, and accomplished, and he did a lot of sweet things for her. He had his own business, was also divorced and had two children. He knew what he wanted out of life. But most importantly, he had deep feelings and an intense connection with Liza.

The problem was, the lie would always sit between them. Charles was one of the last to learn of Liza’s actual age. Then even when he did know, he doubted her motives at all times, even if he tried desperately not to. Since they decided in the end, they just weren’t going to make it.

1 Josh

Liza and Josh looking at each other at Younger's bar

From the start, Josh seemed like the perfect marriage, a handsome, tattooed young man who loved to party and would make every night fun and exciting. But that only lasts so long. And actually, Liza was a 40-year-old woman with responsibilities.

But Josh grew season after season. Even before he began to take on more responsibilities, including expanding his business, raising his professional profile, and caring for a child, he showed that he was ready to help Liza at any time. He did a lot of sweet things for her throughout the series. While the ending left things up for interpretation, Josh was always Liza’s best partner.

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