Since Generation 3, a large number of skills have been introduced into the Pokemon games. These abilities have passive effects in battle and sometimes outside of battle, completely changing the way battles worked in the first two generations. Some of these abilities are known to make Pokémon stronger, although there are a host of abilities that can be more damaging.

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The right skills can be enough to make an average Pokémon good. Some of the best Abilities negate certain types of damage, deal status conditions, remove status conditions, and deal damage to enemy Pokémon.

10 Shedinja has Wonder Guard to protect it from harm

Shedinja in Pokémon Go

Shedinja is known solely for his unique hit point and skill. Wonder Guard makes it impossible for this Pokémon to be damaged by any move that is not super effective against it.

If it weren’t for this ability, no one would use a Pokémon that is guaranteed to fall in one fell swoop. As long as the trainer can avoid fire, ghosts, flight, rocks, and dark movements, Shedinja won’t take any damage any time soon.

9 Roggenrola has robustness, so it won’t collapse in a single hit

Roggenrola in a forest

Roggenrola is a small and relatively weak Pokémon that has a base special defense stat of just 25. Water and grass moves are guaranteed to do a lot of damage, but its ability has exactly the same effect as a Focus Sash.

Any attack that would have originally brought this Pokémon from full health to 0 hp would leave this Pokémon at 1 hp. This makes battles take longer, especially since the ability can trigger multiple times if fully healed.

8 Vigoroth has a vital spirit, so he cannot fall asleep

Vigoroth eating berries

Vigoroth may not be as strong as his evolved form, but it is impossible for him to fall asleep. This makes him a great pick against enemies who like to use moves like Hypnosis or Yawn, as these moves have no effect against him. Vigoroth may not be able to rest, but this is not a loss.

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After all, this is a far better ability than Slaking’s Truant, which is why many trainers choose to never evolve their Vigoroth.

7 Dragonair has shed its skin to remove status effects

Flying dragonair

Shed Skin is an ability shared by Dratini and Dragonair, but this ability is lost when Dragonair evolves into Dragonite. This move is extremely useful as it allows Dragonair to shed its skin during battle to get rid of status effects such as burning, sleeping, freezing, paralysis, and poison.

It has a 1/3 chance to function at the end of each round, and when it works, it prevents Dragonair from taking poison or burn damage during that round.

6 Wobbuffet has a shadow tag to prevent opponents from escaping

Wynaut and Wobbuffet next to a garden

Wobbuffet is another annoying Pokémon to fight due to its ability, Shadow Tag. This ability prevents Pokémon from being able to flee or switch. There are a few ways to counter this ability, such as using moves that allow Pokémon to switch, having the Run Ability, or having a Pokémon hold a smoke ball.

Otherwise, Wobbuffet keeps a Pokémon trapped in battle, which is especially terrible when Wobbuffet tries to take down the enemy Pokémon with a Destiny Bond.

5 Togedemaru has a lightning rod to absorb all electrical attacks

Togedemaru looks up

Togedemaru is surprisingly popular in Sword Y To protectRaid Battles when you face Electric-type Pokémon. This is thanks to his ability, Lightning Rod. This ability allows Togedemaru to draw all electrical attacks towards himself and absorb them.

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This protects allied Pokémon from taking damage from these types of moves. Absorbing electricity also increases Togedemaru’s special attack. Togedemaru may not be the strongest Pokémon, but this ability makes it a huge advantage for a team.

4 Carvanha damages enemies with rough skin

Carvanha swimming

Rough skin is mainly seen on Carvanha and his evolution, Sharpedo. It can be very irritating to fight Carvanha because of this ability, especially when there are a lot of them. This is because every time a Pokémon uses a physical-type attack against Carvanha, the Pokémon takes damage equal to 1/8 of its health.

Pokémon must avoid multi-hit attacks, as Rough Skin activates with each hit. It even causes the enemy to pass out first even if Carvanha takes too much damage.

3 Yamask disable enemy skills with the mummy

Yamask floating in a room.

Yamask may not have a flashy ability, but whenever an enemy hits him with a physical attack, his ability is immediately replaced by Mummy. The enemy’s ability becomes irrelevant when it is replaced by an ability that does nothing to Yamask.

Even the most powerful abilities can be rendered completely useless in punishing any Pokémon that attacks Yamask. There are only 10 abilities that are immune to Yamask’s ability.

two Pikachu has static, which can paralyze enemies

Two Pikachu eating berries

Pikachu has a 30% chance to paralyze an enemy if it receives a physical attack. This is thanks to Static, and this ability can even work against ground Pokémon. This ability is particularly good because the speed of any paralyzed Pokémon is reduced by 50%.

Additionally, there is a 25% chance that the Pokémon will be completely unable to move each turn. This makes Pikachu a great pick when it comes to catching a Pokémon.

1 Clefable has a cute charm and a magical protector

Clefable leaps into the air

Cute Charm is similar to Static, except that attacking Pokémon have a 30% chance of being charmed if they are of the opposite gender to Clefable. This means that love will immobilize them 50% of the time each turn.

If this wasn’t enough, Clefable’s second ability is Magic Guard. This means that he cannot take indirect damage, although he can receive status effects that can deal damage at the end of each turn.

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