With Disney acquiring 21st Century Fox, the X Men The series can finally be merged with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Before that, both universes had in common the character of Quicksilver. Portrayed by Evan Peters, the Fox sprinter appeared in several movies at the X Men series, while Aaron Taylor-Johnson portrayed it in MCU Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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After all, there are a number of similarities between Peter and Pietro Maximoff. Some of these are through his connections to Marvel Comics, while others are shared traits and gestures. Of course, since both versions are from different universes, there are also several separate things from character to character and it’s worth noting what they are.

10 Similar: They both have sequences to show their powers

Marvel Feature Split Image: Fox's Quicksilver Smiles / MCU Quicksilver Runs

In both the Fox film series and the MCU, Quicksilver has a chance to shine when his point of view is shown to the public. These sequences show the world essentially stuck at a standstill as Quicksilver moves at extreme speed and perceives everything in slow motion.

The Fox Quicksilver sequences were most memorable, as they generally featured a catchy soundtrack as he saved the lives of others without their realizing it. MCU Quicksilver’s slow motion effect was done as a way to establish the power he had acquired from the Mind Stone.

9 Different: they are from separate countries

Quicksilver smiling in X-Men: Days of Future Past

The Quicksilver from the comics was European and his name was Pietro, as was the MCU version. However, the MCU’s Quicksilver was shown to be from the country of Sokovia, which was related to the story of The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Meanwhile, Fox’s Quicksilver had nothing to do with Europe.

This version was born and raised in America, and his accent was reflected as such, while the MCU’s Quicksilver had a native Sokovian accent. He was also unfamiliar with American customs due to having spent so little time there, and Fox’s Quicksilver was very interested in American pop culture.

8 Similar: Both are smart mouths by personality

Fox's Quicksilver wears glasses / MCU Quicksilver looks impassive

Of the Maximoff sibling pair, Quicksilver was the funniest, as he had a habit of making sarcastic comments. He was also cocky and arrogant, best seen when he taunted Hawkeye for not seeing his attack coming.

Peter Maximoff was a fast talker, deviating on his own when joking, and Wolverine’s likes found him annoying, as Quicksilver was shown to be quite complicated through his constant barrage of jokes.

7 Different: MCU Quicksilver kept the same age in his appearances

MCU Quicksilver seems out of breath in Avengers Age of Ultron

Due to the X Men A film series featuring ten-year time jumps after each film, Quicksilver, born in 1956, went from being 17 to Days of future past to a 37-year-old man in Dark fenix. He also had a cameo in Deadpool 2, by which time he should have been 62 years old.

Meanwhile, the MCU’s Quicksilver was born in 1989 and was shown to be 26 years old in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Since he died in the same movie, MCU fans have only seen a young version of the character, unlike Fox’s Quicksilver, who matured from his boyish ways to become a leader.

6 Similar: Your tendency to place yourself in dangerous situations

MCU's Quicksilver gets shot / Fox's Quicksilver trips

Due to their overconfidence in their abilities, both Quicksilvers had a habit of falling into situations where their lives would be in danger. The MCU’s Quicksilver attempted to take on Thor himself, only to be defeated when he failed to lift Mjolnir.

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Similarly, Fox’s Quicksilver thought he could stand up to Apocalypse and was marginally successful until the top mutant caught him and broke his leg. The MCU’s Quicksilver eventually died when he decided to save Hawkeye from being hit by bullets and caught in the crossfire, while Fox’s version almost met his end against the Phoenix in Dark fenix also.

5 Different: Magneto is the father of Fox’s Quicksilver

Magneto Quicksilver xmen Days of Future Past

The identity of Pietro Maximoff’s father is not relevant to the MCU, as WandaVision proved that he was the son of Oleg Maximoff in Sokovia. Fox’s Quicksilver stayed close to the comics by having Magneto as his biological father, a point Peter Maximoff came to know.

X-Men: Apocalypse Peter had tried to make something of this knowledge, as he understood the fact that his father was the mutant warlord Magneto. While Peter never experienced a relationship with Magneto, Pietro had a father who loved him.

4 Similar: Trademark hair

Fox's Quicksilver smiles / MCU Quicksilver looks at the camera

It’s difficult to pin down the exact color of Quicksilver’s hair, which appears as a mix of platinum, blonde, and gray. Regardless, both versions of the character share this distinctive style, which goes well with their “static” powers of speed.

Fox’s version leaned a bit more towards straighter hair, while the MCU’s had messier hair, but both hairstyles are the most notable aspect of their looks. They were also known to wear clothes that matched their hair scheme, all of which created the Quicksilver effect.

3 Different: Fox’s Quicksilver is faster than MCU’s Quicksilver

Evan Peters as Quicksilver in X-Men Apocalypse

While none of the characters are as fast as DC’s The Flash, Fox’s Quicksilver is easily faster in speed compared to the MCU version. Peter Maximoff’s speed was such that he saved people from an exploding mansion within seconds, as well as perceiving things as being on indefinite hiatus.

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Pietro was definitely faster than the average MCU character, however he could easily be caught off guard, as seen when Hawkeye took him down by shooting from below and Captain America knocked him out with his shield. He was also quite slow to save Hawkeye’s life as he was shot himself in the process.

two Similar: They are both close to their families

Fox's Quicksilver with his little sister / MCU Quicksilver meets Scarlet Witch

The MCU’s Quicksilver started out as a villain due to his hatred of Tony Stark, whose weapons were used in the Sokovia bombing that claimed the lives of Pietro’s parents. She was then very close to her sister, to the point where Pietro’s death left Wanda depressed for a long time.

Fox’s Quicksilver didn’t show up as much in his personal life, but it was clear that he had a great relationship with his family. He chose not to interfere in the climactic battle in X-Men: Days of Future Past to keep his sister safe, in addition to establishing that he and his mother were also close.

1 Different: the origin of his powers

Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver and Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron

One of the interesting facts about the MCU’s Quicksilver is that his powers weren’t nearly as inherent to him as his sister’s. Quicksilver’s abilities were the result of experimentation on him with the Mind Infinity Stone, which gave him powers of speed.

By contrast, Fox’s Quicksilver was a mutant, so he developed the ability to move at great speeds. Most likely, he inherited the mutant gene from Magneto, and Peter Maximoff had these powers since childhood, and the MCU’s Quicksilver obtained them as an adult.

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