When Hank Pym suggested that Steve Buscemi would be the perfect casting for Bruce Banner, he started a Hulk rampage that claimed dozens of lives.

When Bruce Banner heard his Avengers teammates decide which actors would play them in a movie of their lives, they were cast as Steve Buscemi It was the last straw, which led to a savage Helmet uproar through Manhattan. Although this turned out to be the necessary catalyst to truly unite the team, the uproar cost lives and led to Bruce receiving a death sentence.

In Ultimate Universe, Bruce Banner is reimagined as a government-sponsored genius who is constantly haunted by his previous transformations as the Hulk. Drugged and monitored on a daily basis, Banner has a chance to redeem himself when Nick Fury tells him that he has been chosen to break the Super Soldier serum for the US government, but with a ton of stipulations. Unfortunately, their efforts fail and are further complicated by the reappearance of the original Captain America and the attention that other members of the Ultimates (the Avengers of this world team) receive. To make matters worse, he works alongside his ex-girlfriend Betty Ross, all factors coming together in a situation where Banner could step out of the Hulk at any moment, but he doesn’t.

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On Ultimates # 4 by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch, Bruce Banner’s slump continues as Betty insults and belittles him. Weeks later, at the Triskelion, members of the Ultimates are distracted from increasingly negative public opinion when Fury announces that a Captain America movie is in the works to be played by Brad Pitt. Encouraged by the distraction, Fury proceeds to release the film with him played by Samuel L. Jackson (long before this happened in the real world), Johnny Depp playing Iron Man, Matthew McConaughey playing Hank Pym / Giant Man and Lucy. Liu playing Janet. van Dyne / the Wasp. When Hank Pym takes control talking about who should play Bruce Banner, suggestions range from Woody Allen to Haley Joel Osmont to Stuart Little, until it is revealed that Banner was listening nearby. Deeply hurt to discover that the team looked down on him behind his back, Banner runs off, and Pym notes that his real response would be Steve Buscemi.

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Ultimates 4 Steve Buscemi

Fan casting has been a regular discussion with comic book fans for years and it was interesting to see the characters participate, putting together a cast from the 2002 Hollywood Ultimates. Although it would have been interesting to see Pitt’s Captain America or the Depp’s Iron Man, the only one that became a reality was Samuel L. Jackson’s casting as Nick Fury in 2008. Iron Man and beyond. While the discussion was fun, the casting of Hank Pym can’t be entirely to blame for what came next, as it was the last straw after years of contempt and frustration. Despite his past accomplishments and accolades, Bruce Banner was unable to create the next Super Soldier, his colleagues openly disrespected him, and his relationship with Betty Ross had become deeply dysfunctional.

Hours later, Bruce called Betty to let her know that he had injected a modified version of the Hulk formula mixed with Steve Rogers’ blood into his body, apologizing for his weakness before explaining that he did it to give the Ultimates a awesome threat to leave. and feel “great”. The resulting rampage killed dozens of people, some of whom the Hulk actually cannibalized, and cost millions in damage before the Hulk could be neutralized, something that tormented everyone, including Bruce Banner, for years to come.

Darker and less forgiving than mainstream Marvel reality, the Ultimate Universe took Banner’s self-pity and unhealthy relationship with rage and portrayed a Hulk who truly delivered on the promise of the original, taking down the world around him like a super-powered baby. Bruce Banner has always been a tragic figure, but The Ultimates took the surprising approach of making him even more responsible for the Helmethideous violence, ironically stripping him of the affability that would have made Steve Buscemi the right actor for the role.

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