Typhon’s powers in Prey are cinematic and powerful, providing new ways to evade and attack enemies, and cut through the dangerous mess of Talos I.

Neuromod skills in Dam They fall into two categories: Skills derived from humans and those derived from the Typhon aliens that are being studied on Talos I. While human skills generally provide passive bonuses like suit modifications, additional damage with sneak attacks, or repair skill to repair Broken machinery using spare parts, Typhon’s abilities are another beast altogether. These are more active powers that are used primarily in combat.

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Of the neuromod abilities to unlock, Typhon’s powers are more expensive. They require an extra step and carry with them a sense of danger, as they attract the Nightmare. First, to unlock an alien power, it must first be investigated by scanning the appropriate Typhon. Kinetic Blast and Phantom Shift are used by Phantoms, while Electrostatic Burst is used by Technopath. As such, one of the main ones is not to kill too many alien enemies early in the game; otherwise, they cannot be scanned later.

Typhon’s abilities can raise the dead or regenerate health

While there are certain Typhon powers that will be invaluable for specific playstyles, there are a few that will help with any build. Lift Field is an example of the former, as it can be a useful tool for clearing debris and heavy objects, but it loses much of its usefulness if the player already has leverage. Backlash, on the contrary, provides an exclusive function: it can protect the player from 1-3 hits, especially useful against a Mimic ambush. Since there are no other means of obtaining a shield like this, Backlash is a good inexpensive option. Psychoshock is fun, but a null wave grenade does the same; like Electrostatic Burst it is basically an EMP grenade.

While the best overall order of neuromods in Dam Focusing on human abilities like Materials Expert and Metabolic Boost, which help maximize yields for survival, alien neuromods are best when they provide a unique angle of attack. Most of the best Typhon abilities in the game are found under the Morph skill tree. It is famous that this is where Mimic Matter can be acquired, an extremely versatile power that allows Morgan to transform into objects around the station. The usefulness of this cannot be underestimated. At low levels, transforming into a wrench or cup means entering secret areas through cracks and crevices. More ranges in Mimic Matter allow the player to transform into a turret that can shoot enemies, or even an Operator, capable of flying over dangerous terrain and attacking with Operator weapons.

As with any quality sci-fi horror game, avoiding encounters is usually better than walking in with guns blazing. Transforming into a mug means enemies will pass Morgan without attacking, but there is a better option: Phantom Shift. This power costs very little Psi and leaves behind a Morgan doppelganger. Enemies always prioritize engaging the doppelganger, giving the player precious seconds of time to evade, run, or slow their attacker with the Globe Cannon. At the end of the game, Phantom Shift is a crucial way to maintain mobility while avoiding damage at the same time.

The Morph skill tree also provides two other means to negate damage: Regeneration and Phantom Genesis. Both require a higher number of neuromods to unlock, so it’s a good idea to grow a lot of neuromods ahead of time. Regeneration can be learned by scanning Greater Mimics or Nightmare and heals the player for up to 25 points each time they take damage. This is a great way to preserve kits and avoid minor injuries over a period of time. Phantom Genesis animates corpses into powerful Phantoms (Phantom Genesis II even creates voltaic, thermal, and ethereal ghosts), creating chaos, dealing massive amounts of damage, and providing excellent distraction. Although they have less overall utility, the Telepathy and Energy skill trees still provide more options for dealing direct damage (such as Kinetic Blast and Super Thermal). In general, Typhon’s abilities in Dam It can adapt to any style of play and create a fast-paced cinematic experience.

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Dam can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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