The presence of Dominic Toretto has been decided in the Fast and Furious series, and has been carried over from the original movies to today’s reboot style. As the son of Jack Toretto and the older brother of Mia and Jakob, Dom has been responsible for his family since his father’s death, and has accepted other members of his surrogate family during his adventures.

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Having first appeared in 2001 The fast and the furious, Dom’s 20-year career on screen has seen him develop as a character until the 2021s. F9. This includes his turn from being an antihero to a full main protagonist, as well as a number of personality changes that have taken shape since his debut appearance.

10 He is willing to show his weak moments

Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto and Charlize Theron as Cipher in The Fate of the Furious Fast 8

Although Dom has remained a man of few words throughout Fast and Furious franchise, it was originally kept this way to hide any lingering feelings of doubt and insecurity. On The fast and the furious, kept Brian at a distance to hide this aspect, and took until Fast and Furious 6 when this finally changed.

It was then that he wanted to appeal to the amnesiac Letty and remind her of his love, and since then, Dom has not held back from showing his “weakness “. The fate of the furious Dom showed this more when he realized he had a son and seems to have realized that showing weakness does not make him inherently weak.

9 He no longer wants to go looking for trouble

Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto in Fate of the Furious

Dom was basically looking for trouble in The fast and the furious when he ran the illegal business of stealing auto parts even though he was painted to be a leading man. This continued until Fast five, where he and his team made enough money that it was never a problem again.

After this, Dom has largely wanted to steer clear of anything that might give him notoriety, with every installment since Fast and Furious 6 with characters like Mr. Nobody and Cipher that force Dom to go beyond the requirements each time to take on personal missions.

8 His rage is better reserved

Dom was prone to going into fits of rage in the first movie whenever he felt like they were doing it wrong. This was one of the things his enemies were aiming for, as he had made Dom predictable. Starting since Fast five, Dom has worked to keep his anger under control.

This has allowed him to stay ahead of the antagonists in terms of planning, with Dom able to surprise them due to his inability to read it. His rage has appeared at moments like Cipher threatening his son, but Dom has stopped getting angry over small matters.

7 His fighting skills have greatly improved

Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto and Dwayne Johnson as Hobbs in Fast & Furious 5

Dom was never the type to lose his fights, with every battle he has been ending in his victory or stalemate by choice. However, even though he only had street punks threatening him The fast and the furious, Dom’s abilities have greatly improved since he faced stronger enemies.

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Dom is now at the point where he can defeat multiple highly trained assassins at the same time and go head-to-head with the likes of Deckard Shaw, who was a black ops soldier and mercenary. It also showed different fighting skills compared to the first movie in Fast five when facing Luke Hobbs, employing a mix of defense and offense rather than simply relying on the latter.

6 Acknowledge your mistakes

This was a very recent change in Dom’s character, as seen in F9 where he admitted that he had unfairly judged his brother. Dom was convinced that Jakob had deliberately sabotaged his father’s car to kill him, but learned that this was not the case and had distanced himself from Jakob from John Cena based on his assumption.

In previous films, Dom always had the belief that he was right and justified it by discovering the weaknesses in the past of the other characters. For F9However, he acknowledged that he was wrong in thinking that he knew everything about Jakob and then reconciled with him.

5 He has extended to those he considers family

Fast and Furious 6 Toretto

On The fast and the furiousDom had very few people he could really trust, he was even suspicious of some of his crew. It took him up Fast five to increase his level of confidence, as the robbery in Rio made him realize that he had a group that he could count on.

Before that, Dom wasn’t even willing to fully trust Brian, just because of his adventure in Fast five to convince him that Brian was like his brother. For F9Dom has extended the courtesy of someone who is his family to Roman, Tej, Ramsey, Han, Hobbs, and even Deckard Shaw to some degree.

4 You no longer need to prove yourself

Dom and Letty in F9 The Fast Saga

Dom had an incredibly competitive streak in The fast and the furious, going so far as to risk his own life just to win races. This came down to his need to prove himself the best, which has pretty much disappeared in subsequent posts.

Where he wanted to beat Brian in his career in the original, Dom changed enough to let Brian win. Fast five to make him happy. He also turned down the villains’ personal challenges by not biting his bait, as he doesn’t feel like he has to prove anything to them.

3 Seeks to give people second chances

Dom was quite a ruthless person in his first appearance, as he wanted to finish off his enemy without worrying about the consequences. The moment he changed was when Brian offered him a second chance when he allowed Dom to escape at the end of the movie.

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Since then, Dom has sought to give the people he trusts the benefit of the doubt while expressing his appreciation that Brian does the same for him. It was because of this that Dom took Deckard Shaw’s turn as the lead, which led to the Shaw spinoff movie, as well as letting Jakob escape similarly to how he had once done.

two Has developed a level of respect for authority figures

Mr Nobody giving orders in Furious 7.

Dom was on the wrong side of the law until Fast and Furious 6, before which he was a criminal who did not care about the laws of society and openly mocked authority figures such as Luke Hobbs. It was after the latter allowed Dom his freedom that he developed a respect for those people.

In his first appearance, Dom was prone to making fun of cops and didn’t think they were worth his time, but he has since developed friendships with the likes of Hobbs and Mr. Nobody while making sure to respect them for their own work.

1 Has made peace with the death of his father

It took Dom decades to get to this point, but F9 brought this long-awaited change in her character. For a long time, he clung to the tragic memory of watching his father die before his eyes and was never at peace with this fact.

After learning that his father had intentionally sabotaged his car, Dom accepted the fact that his father’s death was his fault and decided to move on. Where Dom frequently mentioned his sadness over the loss of his father throughout the series, he changed himself to focus on the things he learned from him rather than obsessing over his disappearance.

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