Luca, Brave, and Coco have more in common than being Pixar movies, as they tell similar stories. Let’s take a look at these.

Pixar’s latest project is Luca, and while it’s set in a different time and place than other Pixar movies, it tells a similar story. Bravo Y Coconut. Since the launch of Toy story In 1995, Pixar dominated the world of animated films with charming stories and innovative animation. Pixar has been consistently bringing in at least one movie per year since 2015, and even the coronavirus pandemic didn’t stop it from showing its latest projects to the world. Following in the footsteps of Soul, Luca it premiered on Disney + and skipped a theatrical release, allowing a wider audience to see this new story.

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Luca takes viewers to the Italian Riviera to meet Luca Paguro (Jacob Tremblay), a teenage sea monster bored with his life at sea and curious about what’s outside the ocean, and Alberto Scorfano (Jack Dylan Grazer), another monster sailor with a great desire. to explore the human world. When Luca’s parents threaten to fire him, he and Alberto venture into the human world by turning into humans when dry (and reverting to their real forms when wet), but they have to keep their identities a secret to survive. . Although each Pixar film is its own world (although there are some who believe in the wider Pixar universe), they share certain themes that make a film Pixar, but in LucaIn the case of Bravo Y Coconut.

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Released in 2012 and set in the Scottish Highlands, Bravo tells the story of Princess Merida of DunBroch (Kelly MacDonald) who defies an ancient custom by not wanting to get involved in an arranged marriage. Desperate to change her fate, she gives her mother an enchanted cake that turns Queen Elinor into a bear, so Mérida is sent on a journey with her mother to reverse the curse and save the kingdom. Now, Coconut, released in 2017, takes place in Mexico during the Day of the Dead celebrations, where Miguel (Anthony González), a young man who dreams of becoming a musician, is transported to the Land of the Dead. There he seeks the help of his late musician great-great-grandfather to guide him back to the land of the living and reverse the family ban on music.

Bravo, Coconut, Y Luca They are all coming-of-age stories created in the style of Pixar, which means that they have two characters with different personalities who go on a journey that not only allows them to know each other, but also to themselves. These three stories also deal with the legacy of their families and each main character seeks to free themselves from the traditions, legacies and plans of their families: Mérida wanted to control his life, Miguel wanted to be free to enjoy music and be what he was. wanted. be, and Luca wanted to explore the world beyond his family’s farm. In the end, and with the help of their cronies (Queen Elinor, Héctor and Alberto), they achieved their goals without losing their families: Mérida was free to marry whenever and with whom she wanted, Miguel’s family found out the truth. . his ancestors and put an end to the ban on music, and Luca was given the opportunity to stay in the human world and go to school.

Not surprisingly, some Pixar movies have similar themes, but the similarities between the stories of Luca, Bravo, Y Coconut highlight. Each film conveys a heartwarming and empowering message to the audience, and its main characters can boast of how they changed their family’s traditions and legacies for the better.

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