Lily James and Sebastian Stan rocked Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s beach wedding looks while filming the upcoming Hulu miniseries.

New photos from the set of Pam and Tommy show Lily James and Sebastian Stan reenacting the 1995 beach wedding of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. The upcoming Hulu miniseries follows the iconic 90s couple’s turbulent marriage, which lasted three years and resulted in two children and a notorious sex scandal. James plays Baywatch Actress and popular Playboy model with Stan playing rock star Mötley Crüe. The cast also includes comedian Seth Rogen as Rand Gauthier, the man who stole and released the couple’s sex tape.

At the height of their fame, Anderson and Lee were the mainstays of the tabloid press and gossip news. On February 19, 1995, the two were married just four days after meeting. The duo got married on a Cancun beach with just a handful of guests. Anderson was a non-traditional bride, choosing a white bikini with a skimpy cover-up over a dress. Lee paired her wedding suit with khaki shorts. Instead of rings, the wild couple chose to get their wedding band tattooed on their fingers.

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James and Stan recently recreated the Whirlwind Beach Wedding for a pivotal scene in Pam and Tommy. The two actors were photographed while filming on the set of the original Hulu series. In the photos obtained by Page six, James and Stan look unrecognizable as they channel the celebrity couple’s iconic wedding looks. James wore the same white two-piece bathing suit and showed off Anderson’s tanned skin, blonde hair, and voluptuous figure. Stan copied Lee’s shorts and went shirtless, exposing his made-for-television tattoos. The two actors were also photographed frolicking on the beach, kissing and hugging as they reenacted Anderson and Lee’s PDA-filled moments. Check out the photos from the set here:

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James and Stan have previously shared their drastic transformations on social media, surprising both viewers and critics who believed that other actors could play the lead roles better. James, best known for playing Cinderella in Disney’s live-action adaptation, shed her princess image to dive into the sexy role. Stan also impressed audiences with how dedicated he is to playing the eccentric drummer and even learned to do spinning tricks.

The beach wedding scene will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of Pam and Tommy. Because Anderson and Lee’s relationship took place before social media and paparazzi drones, only a few photos of their spontaneous nuptials have surfaced. It would be interesting to see how the show would depict what fans can only assume happened in Cancun. Expectations are high for the upcoming biopic and based on leaked photos from the set, James and Stan will deliver epic performances.

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