[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Loki, Season 1, Episode 3, “Lamentis.”]

Episode 3 of Loki is the shortest so far, and beyond a few massive Revelations seems like a chapter in this story. But it’s turning out to be a really exciting story to watch, largely because I literally have no idea what’s going to happen next, in the best possible way. I just know I wanted two things out of this show – wild sci-fi time travel fun with solid character work, and so far it’s coming true.

“Lamentis” doesn’t pick up right where things left off in Episode 2, with the revelation that the Variant Mobius pursued was “Lady Loki” (for lack of a better term at the time), and that she has some sort of plans to destroy the timekeepers. (The “Previously In …” doesn’t even mention the whole sacred timeline bombing thing, which probably should have been our first clue that we weren’t going to see Owen Wilson this week.) things start in … a bar? Yes, a bar, where Hunter C-20 looks much more relaxed than we are used to seeing her, wearing 21st century casual clothes and enjoying frozen drinks with the character that we will soon discover prefers to be called Sylvie, thank you. a lot of.

It’s wishful thinking, of course, a remarkably kind and gentle way of questioning C-20 for details on who is protecting the timekeepers and where they can be found. And it works, with Sylvie getting the information she needs just before Loki and the TVA team arrive at Roxxmart.

After the titles roll, however, the action catches up to the present (as much as such a concept exists on a show this time), with Sylvie using the TemPad to teleport to TVA headquarters. Not where I expected it to go, but the reasons why it makes sense as it starts to walk past the guards (with some very impressive martial arts work from the actor Sophie Di Martino and / or a specialist) to find the golden elevators that, according to C-20, are the way to find the timekeepers.

However, it’s not just the Minutemen who stand in her way: there’s Loki, who followed her through the portal in order to convince her to work with him, and also Ravonna comes out of her office (wearing the furthest fucking coat). awesome, seriously, check it out below, it’s glorious) to try and stop her.


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However, just as Ravonna approaches them with that deadly pruning stick, Loki takes the TemPad from Sylvie and transports them both to … Well, we don’t know exactly where, at least immediately. Instead, Loki and Sylvie fight in a tent in some foreign world, as the TemPad that brought them there is now out of power. That’s very bad news, because this is Sylvie’s device, and it’s programmed with the kind of apocalypse she was using to hide from the TVA, and the disaster that’s about to hit the moon of Lamentis-1 in the year 2077. it’s very, very bad. one, with the sky literally collapsing around him.

Given the circumstances, Loki calls for a truce, and the two set out in search of an energy source that can get them out of Dodge. This leads to an awkward encounter with the only woman left in an abandoned settlement, who beats them both with pulses, but tells them that the rest of the city is trying to get on a train that will take them to an ark – one last one. chance. by evacuating Lamentis-1 before it collides with a planet.

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Loki comes up with a plan to get them on the train: impersonate a guard and with a little help from Sylvie’s possession trick, make his way aboard and into a comfortable carriage for the rich, one that could easily fit in poor who wait. outside. (If you thought Snowpiercer It was too subtle about the class struggle, well LokiYou’ve got it covered here.) Once on board, they end up drifting into a surprisingly personal conversation about their respective mothers, their respective magical abilities, and their respective differences of opinion regarding the nature of love. However, there was a very important point of agreement between them: when asked if he had dealings with “princesses … or a prince?” Loki replies “A bit of both. I suspect the same as you.” She agrees, and with that we have canonical confirmation of two LGBTQ + characters in the MCU.

The two decide to get some rest, though once again they differ in definition: As Sylvie bows her head for a nap, Loki unleashes his inner Thor and has fun, getting drunk and leading his trainmates in an Asgardian drinking song. The party is interrupted when one of the passengers notices something with Loki drunk and without a guard uniform, and the guards arrive asking for their tickets, leading to Loki obtaining Last crusade-He went out the window of the train. Sylvie lunges after him (gently saying “TemPad” to remind us why she could do something so wild).


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Unfortunately, such a fall ends up breaking the TemPad beyond repair, which makes the situation quite dire. But bless Loki, because he comes up with an idea: They hijack the ark and make sure it actually leaves the planet, and Sylvie agrees to give it a try. As they walk, Sylvie reluctantly explains how her possession trick works: with weaker minds, you can easily take control, but stronger minds require you to create a fantasy “from your memories” and use that fantasy to forge a connection. with them. So what we saw at the beginning of the episode with C-20 was based on C-20’s memories of a previous life as a “normal person on Earth” (who loved daisies), because, as we learn, those who worked for TVA they weren’t I created a whole cloth from scratch. Instead, these people are actually Variants, even though those memories were from “hundreds of years ago.” Add it to the list of reasons to be very, very suspicious of what is happening there.

Loki and Sylvie arrive at the ark’s launch site, but the area is in chaos as everyone around them faces the terrible inevitability of, well, the inevitable. Their struggle to get to the ark is captured in one long, breathless take through the neon madness of looming doom and, unfortunately, it is too late – the ark is destroyed by the collapsing planet from above and all of it. hope is lost. Well, there is a ray of hope, and it is the fact that there are three more episodes left in the season; we’re only halfway there Again, I have no idea what will happen next, but I suspect (no, I hope) the journey will get wilder from here.


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“What exactly makes a Loki a Loki?”

  • “The plans have several steps. Dressing up as a guard and getting on a train is only doing one thing.” If that’s what Sylvie thinks of Loki’s plan, I hate to imagine how she would judge my weekend plans (TV screens and Zoom family calls, for the most part).

  • In case you were wondering, the music options for this episode, beyond Natalie Holtas always excellent score, they were “Demons” by Hayley Kiyoko as the perfect soundtrack for a girls’ night out at the bar, and the aptly named “Dark Moon” from Bonnie Guitar on closing credits.

  • Does Sylvie use her crown to stab one of the train guards? It seems like the answer is yes, and that’s amazing.

  • “Love is a dagger. It is a weapon to be wielded from far or near. You can see yourself in it. It is beautiful. Until it makes you bleed. But ultimately, when you reach for it …” t real. ”While both Sylvie and Loki agree that it’s a terrible metaphor, it’s actually not the worst.

  • I must credit Collider’s own Carly Lane for being the first to point out that what we learn about the TVA agents in this episode strongly implies that in a past life, Mobius must have ridden a jet ski. Or maybe he also longed to do it beforehand? The important thing is that oh man please let us see Owen wilson on a jet ski at the end of the season. Let man know happiness, just this once!

New episodes of Loki premiere on Wednesdays on Disney +.

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