Whitney Way Thore from My Big Fat Fabulous Life is being dragged down for citing that she has an eating disorder. Fans feel like he’s dropped the ball.

Whitney Way Thore is being dragged down for citing that she has an eating disorder. The My great fabulous life Star has been very open about her personal struggles, but fans don’t accept the information in the same way.

Thore is all about body confidence and always preaches that everyone should love their skin. She recently posted a selfie of herself in a brightly colored swimsuit to bring the idea to fans. She was diagnosed with PCOS and has been struggling with her weight ever since. The dancer went from a size 12 to morbid obesity very quickly, but she didn’t let her diagnosis and weight gain stop her. His story on television has given hope to many of his followers who are dealing with the same kinds of problems. Fans saw her contemplate having gastric bypass surgery after her fiancĂ© cheated on her, but she currently has bigger fish to fry.

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Viewers of My great fabulous life He hasn’t been too kind to Thore in recent months as he has all but disappeared from his NoBS training group and dropped the ball in other departments. But some have taken their hatred of her too far, as they posted about her eating disorder on Reddit. Many feel that she does not have anorexia, and an uneducated commenter writes: “Guess This: Why does Whitney insist on insisting that she has A-typical anorexia nervosa?Anyone who took a health class in high school would know that just because he doesn’t look like a stick doesn’t mean he doesn’t have an eating disorder.

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Not long ago, Thore took to her Instagram to share with her followers that she had long struggled when it came to having a healthy relationship with food. In his post, he wrote: “I was also diagnosed with atypical anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and generalized anxiety disorder. “ The reality star made it clear that if any of her followers felt the same when knowing that they were not alone in the battle. The idea that trolls could think they knew better than doctors and a diagnosis is ridiculous.

Thore has always been as authentic as possible while participating in the show and allowing viewers to enter her life. Everyone has been through a very difficult year, and it was disgusting that someone judged the TLC star for his struggles. Perhaps these critics should take a page out of the My great fabulous life Star’s Book and take to the high ground while educating themselves on what an eating disorder really is before attempting to pass judgment.

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