In 1989, a team from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution first discovered calls from a lone whale at 52 hertz. The call patterns did not match either blue whales or fin whales due to the abnormal frequency. Blue whales typically vocalize at 10-39 hertz, while fin whales at 20 hertz. Because of this, the 52 hertz whale is sending out sonar that other whales cannot decipher, which gave it the nickname The loneliest whale.

Experts at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution have not been able to identify the species of the whale, speculating that it could be malformed or a hybrid species, it is also speculated that it could be deaf. Over the years, the mystery of 52 has been a source of inspiration for film and music. There was a short mockumentary titled The loneliest, a 2017 Taiwanese film titled 52Hz, I love you, and even an animated short titled The ghost 52 which premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. Now, 52 has a feature documentary in The loneliest whale: the search for 52.

The documentary is produced by Adrian Grenier and directed by Josh Zeman of the Bleecker Street studio, who successfully funded the project through Kickstarter. When the endorsement window ended, 3,833 backers pledged a total of $ 405,937 of the initial goal of $ 300,000. The official website also credits Leonardo DiCaprio as an executive producer. Adrian Grenier is no stranger to filming both in front of and behind the camera. Has appeared in movies like The Devil Wears Prada Y Artificial intelligence AI. His last production credit was from 2012. How to make money selling drugs. Josh Zeman’s most famous film credit is being the writer, producer and director of the urban legend documentary. Cropsey.

The plot of the documentary, in essence, is about an expedition in search of the elusive whale. A team of experts, both acousticians and biologists, set out for the Pacific Ocean to hopefully locate 52. The trailer also hints at a story of man’s relationship with whales. Play the story of the famous album. Humpback whale songs, recorded in 1970 by Roger Payne, who helped give birth to the worldwide “Save the Whales” movement. The trailer also hints that there will be a discussion about the effects of noise pollution on current whale populations today, which is a big current topic in marine biology, the trailer also seems to be setting up noise pollution as an obstacle for the crew. protagonist on his journey to find 52.

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The loneliest whale

While whale documentaries are fairly easy to find, The loneliest whale definitely nothing out of the capsule just in concept (no puns). 52 has been the source of inspiration for generations of artists, a mystery and a sad story in one. The idea of ​​being the only one of its kind speaking so frequently is enough to make the audience feel sympathetic and the mystery behind what species this whale could be is mystery enough that it is sure to catch our curiosity. It seems this is an expedition worth looking for.

The loneliest whale its release was expected in 2018, but was delayed. On July 8, it was announced on Kickstarter that the film will open in select theaters in the US on July 9. The announcement also included that the film will also be available on VOD platforms soon after, as of now there are no announcements for specific services or companies that will have exclusive rights to stream the film.

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