Jackson White is reportedly in final negotiations to play a younger Jud Crandall in the Pet Sematary prequel that is in the works for Paramount Players. As a continuation of Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer’s 2019 remake, the new film will be directed by Lindsey Beer, who wrote the latest script based on a draft by Jeff Buhler. Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Mark Vahradian are producing.

No plot details in the new Pet Sematario film at the moment, although it will apparently be set decades before the events of the 2019 film. In the reboot, John Lithgow co-starred as Jud Crandall, the elderly neighbor of the Creed family who tells Patriarch Louis (Jason Clarke) about the haunted graveyard that brings the dead back to life. This results in disastrous consequences for everyone after the grieving father buries his deceased son in the area.

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Jackson White would be the third person to play Jud Crandall in a movie based on Stephen King Pet Sematario. The character was originally played by Fred Gwynne in the first film adaptation that was released in 1989. Lithgow took on the role in the 2019 reboot, where his version of Jud had a similar fate. Given the character’s history and his relationship to the graveyard, it makes sense that he’s involved in a prequel detailing the history of the cursed graveyard.

White, a rising star, is best known for his breakout role as Brendan Fletcher on the HBO limited series. Mrs. Fletcher. He also appeared in a recurring role as Aidan on the sitcom. Half. The actor will next be seen alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in the upcoming action thriller. Ambulance from director Michael Bay. Playing an established character like Jud could be a great opportunity for White as she continues to grow up in Hollywood.

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Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer directed 2019’s Pet Sematario reboot with a script by Jeff Buhler. Inspired by both the Stephen King novel and the 1989 Mary Lambert film, the reboot followed the Creeds, a family that suffered great tragedy when a car accident resulted in the loss of a son. Desperate to keep the family together, the heartbroken Father Louis heads to the cursed grounds of a local “pet broker” to bring the deceased back to life. The problem is that anyone who is brought back is far from the same person they were in life.

The reviews were quite mixed when it came to the new Pet Sematario, and it wasn’t quite the estimated success that many horror fans consider the original adaptation to be. Still, Paramount saw the potential to continue the story, and screenwriter Jeff Buhler had revealed the studio’s plans to develop a prequel in May 2019.

“So many of the ideas that we have been considering today, recently, have focused more on delving into the mythology of the city, these rituals that children present, the mythology of the Micmac, the Wendigo, the cemetery, the origins , Jud’s life. It seems I don’t want to promise anything, because we don’t know, we’re not even in the way of an idea yet, “Buhler said at the time, via ComicBook. .com.

In February, Pet Sematario prequel was officially the green light. The project will mark the directorial debut of Lindsey Beer and is intended to be released as a Paramount + exclusive. A launch date for the platform has yet to be set. This news comes to us from Term.

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