In 1975, after so many production problems and re-filming that led to over budget, Steven Spielberg finally released Jaws. It should have been a disaster, but it ended up becoming what is often labeled the first blockbuster. Jaws it became one of the best movies in movie history and it turned out to be a labor of love.

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Of course, like any big hit movie: it spawned sequels that led to a franchise. With four films spanning over ten years, the stories took drastically different directions. As a result, the fan community has raised some questions over the years.

10 Is Jaws 3 still Canon?

Mike Brody in Jaws 3 and Jaws The Revenge

The chronology of Jaws movies can be a bit confusing. On Jaws 3Mike Brody, played by Dennis Quaid, works at Sea World with his partner Kathryn when the sharks attack. Meanwhile in Shark: RevengeLance Guest’s Mike lives in the Bahamas with a new wife, a son, and a completely different profession.

It could be argued that Mike simply parted ways with Kathryn and got a new job that led to him moving to the Bahamas and meeting Carla. However, none of the events of Jaws 3 on Shark: Revenge. So some fans believe that Shark: Revenge acts as an alternate version of the timeline of Jaws 3.

9 Was the shark from Jaws 2 connected to Bruce?

In the aftermath Jaws 2, a shark emerges first on the sunken ship Orca from the first Jaws. The shark embarks on a slaughter on Amity, prompting Brody to even ask a specialist if sharks can communicate. It is ambiguous whether this shark is simply a coincidence or has ties to Bruce from the original.

In the novelization of the film, it is suggested that the shark in Jaws 2 is Bruce’s partner. While sharks are unmatched in the real world, they are not ruthless killing machines either. The other suggestion is that with Bruce gone, he left the territory open for another shark to just come in and take control.

8 When does each sequel take place?

Roy Scheider Jaws 2

Every sequel to Jaws It seems to take massive leaps into the future. On Jaws, Mike Brody appears to be between ten and twelve years old, but in Jaws 2, is closer to eighteen years. This is confusing as Jaws 2 it was released only four years after the first.

Jaws 3 shows the Brody brothers as adults, with Mike appearing in their thirties and thirties. What if Shark: Revenge He ranks fourth on the same timeline, which points to another jump because Mike has a young daughter. This would suggest that the entire timeline of Jaws takes place over the course of about 20 to 25 years with Shark: Revenge taking place around the year 2000.

7 How did the shark get to the Bahamas so fast?

Shark in Shark's Revenge

The easy answer to this is a poorly written script for a hilariously bad horror sequel. However, fans still wonder how a shark manages to follow the Brody family from New England to the Bahamas. The shark in Shark: Revenge He already appears to be supernaturally intelligent, as he lured Sean Brody into a trap and has a psychic bond with Ellen Brody.

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However, even that doesn’t explain the distance. The average great white shark has a top speed of 35 miles per hour and that’s only in short bursts. It would take at least a week of nonstop travel for the shark to reach the Bahamas, but it appears to arrive in less than a day or two.

6 Was Jaws 3’s mother shark a megalodon?

Mother Shark attacking the control room in Jaws 3-D

In the third Jaws movie, there are two sharks: a smaller Great White, actually normal size, which caused some problems but wasn’t too bad. That’s because it was just the baby while the mother was still in Sea World, creating havoc.

The mother shark is revealed to be huge – she appears to be 35 feet long, ten feet longer than Bruce. It has been estimated that the megalodons were between ten and fifteen meters long, coinciding with the size of the mother. If so, Jaws 3 it would be one of the first attempts at a Megalodon on the big screen.

5 How did no one notice the mother shark?

Mother Shark swimming to the control room in Jaws 3-D

The ocean is a dark and cloudy void that makes it easy for sharks to hide. However, Jaws 3 makes it very clear that the Sea World lagoon, which the two sharks call home, presents clear, serene and absolutely perfect water. There is even a control room that you can see across the entire lagoon.

So how did the mother and baby sharks stay hidden? A shark can’t stay anywhere without drowning, so it doesn’t make much sense that no one at Sea World ever noticed a 35-foot creature in the lagoon.

4 Why was the shark after the Brody family?

The shark that attacks Mike Brody in Jaws: The Revenge

Going into connections as mentioned above, the shark in Shark: Revenge he’s hunting the Brody family. But why? The title suggests that the shark seeks revenge; So this has led to various theories, such as Bruce paired with Brucette’s Jaws 2, resulting in a child. Fans have even nicknamed Vengeance the shark from the fourth movie.

The boy grew up and went on a path of revenge to kill the Brody family in retaliation. As ridiculous as it is, it is actually tame compared to the original script that showed the Brody family being cursed. A witch doctor curses the Brody family and the shark is the manifestation of that curse.

3 What happened to Hooper’s boat?

Brody and Hooper search Amity Bay at night in Jaws

Going back to the first movie, fans have pointed out a mistake in the heroes’ plan to stop Bruce. The movie seems to forget that Hooper has his own ship with high-tech equipment including sonar. Why didn’t this ship return in the last act with Brody and Quint?

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Yes, Quint hated Hooper’s high-tech equipment, but why wasn’t Richard Dreyfuss’s Hooper traveling with them in his own boat alongside the Orca? Hooper could probably have seen Bruce instead of waiting for him to attack. Of course, this might not have led to some of the most iconic moments from Jaws.

two Why did the shark explode in jaws: revenge?

Roaring Shark of Jaws Revenge

In one of the most laughable parts of the franchise, Ellen and Mike Brody defeat the shark. How? By shocking him out of the water, making him roar with a real sound. Tom jerry sound effect. If that’s not silly enough, Ellen stabs the shark with the bow of the boat, causing the shark to explode even using archival footage of Bruce’s iconic death.

Yes, the shark does explode when pricked. This is the result of the new takes, as the test audience did not like the original death where the shark is impaled and bleeds to death. Then new shots happened, causing the shark to explode for no particular reason given in the story.

1 Did Bruce attack Amity before?

Chrissy attacked in Jaws

This is a detail that many might have overlooked, but when the mayor and city committee confront Brody about the details of Chrissy’s death, there is a line that says “it happened before.” Now, you could say that this refers to your excuse that it is a ship propeller. The question is: how many times have they used this excuse?

The story is from Martin Brody’s perspective and this was his first summer working at Amity. What if Mayor Vaughn swept other Bruce deaths under the rug sooner? Perhaps Amity has been Bruce’s territory for years, but Martin was the first to draw public attention to the shark.

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