Josie Clemens is the first vegan chef to compete at Hell’s Kitchen. Learn all about her as she strives to shed light on vegan cuisine.

Josie Clemens is one of 18 contestants competing in Hell’s Kitchen: Young Weapons, and stands out for being a vegan chef. Josie is bold, energetic, and confident, but being a vegan chef competing to become an executive chef at a steakhouse comes with challenges. So far, Josie Hell’s kitchen The journey has been a roller coaster ride. His teammates were concerned about his ability to try the non-vegan food that he prepares if he is vegan. She also received a 2 in the signature dish challenge, and was recently ready for elimination after a failed night of dinner service. However, Josie remained confident and survived to see another day in Hell’s kitchen.

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Season 20 of the Emmy-nominated series premiered on May 31, but it took a turn. All contestants competing on the show are under the age of 24, hence the name “Young guns.” However, the configuration remains the same. Contestants are divided into two teams: red team or blue team or male versus female. Season 10 winner Christina Wilson returns as the sous chef of the red team. Meanwhile, on the blue team, season 7 runner-up Jason Santos returns as second chef. Youngsters must complete traditional challenges and cook unique dishes, all while feeling the wrath of Gordon Ramsey. The winner receives a grand prize of $ 250k and becomes Gordon Ramsay Steak’s new chef de cuisine at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.

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Josie is 24 years old from Macomb, Michigan. The show was filmed in Las Vegas two years ago in 2019, before the pandemic, so he was 22 years old during the competition. She is one of the youngest contestants and was a private chef before joining. Hell’s kitchen. Josie advocates vegan cooking and takes a strong stance against using animal products while cooking.

During the star dish challenge in the first episode, Josie revealed that she struggled with her weight growing up and became vegan two and a half years earlier for her sanity. The young chef takes to social media to educate her followers about the benefits of a vegan diet while sharing recipes. His Instagram bio reads, “Gut health is the key to mental clarity.” Because Josie is the first vegan chef on the show, she sets her apart from her peers on the show. She is already making a name for herself and is being recognized outside of Hell’s kitchen. He recently appeared in the UK version of Vegan life Y VegOut journals. During the season premiere, the Los Angeles-based private chef also revealed that she had a crush on Gordon Ramsey since she was 10 years old. According to her Instagram, one of her goals in life was for him to grill her. It turns out that dreams really do come true. See his post below:

Because she is vegan, Josie faces a whole new set of challenges. Regardless of the end result, Josie is paving the way for future plant-based chefs to participate in the show and the culinary world in general. Regardless of the challenges she faces, Josie is committed to taking the heat and staying in the kitchen.

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