The Fox animated comedy series Krapopolis, from Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon, establishes BoJack Horseman veteran Jordan Young as its showrunner.

Rick and morty animated comedy series from co-creator Dan Harmon Krapopolis found his showrunner.

Jordan Young will act as showrunner and executive producer of the series, reported Variety. Young served as a writer / producer on BoJack Horseman after starting his career as a character designer at The Simpsons in the early 2000s. He also co-created the Comedy Central animated comedy. Drawn together, a reality television show satire centered on a group of housemates whose ranks included parodies of superheroes, children’s cartoon characters, and Disney princesses.

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Set in the mythical ancient Greece, Krapopolis centers on a family of imperfect humans, gods, and monsters who aspire to rule one of the world’s first cities without killing each other. The series is covered by Harmon’s animation agreement with Fox Entertainment, which will fully fund and own the series, with Fox’s Bento Box Entertainment in charge of animation.

The first blockchain-curated animated series, Krapopolis It will serve as Fox and Bento Box’s introduction to the NFT (non-fungible token) business, allowing them to create, sell, and manage NFTs, tokens, and digital products. Fox plans to develop a dedicated marketplace for the show that will curate and sell digital products, including unique character NFTs, background art, and GIFs, along with tokens that provide viewers with exclusive social experiences.

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“Introducing a fall lineup that builds on FOX’s legacy of bold stories and truth-telling characters; stories that meet and reflect the cultural moment. FOX believes it is time for series to offer hope and head to the American public with themes of reinvention and second chances, “said Charlie Collier, CEO of FOX Entertainment, announcing Krapopolis at the Fox’s Upfront presentation in May. “Along with our focus on programming, we are moving forward with a clear vision, 100% ad-supported. FOX’s acquisition of Tubi focused on free advertising has allowed us to expand our streaming offering, providing both linear and streaming scale, all Paywalls or subscriptions. This is a strategy that deepens FOX’s relationship with our audience and advertising partners, and will continue to differentiate FOX. “

Created by Dan Harmon, Krapopolis is a show directed and produced by Jordan Young. It has not yet received a premiere date, but is scheduled to debut on Fox sometime in 2022.

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