In episode 11 of Miss Nagatoro !, Hayase wants to pose for the best artwork in Naoto’s history, but things change when she loses inspiration.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 11 of Don’t Toy With Me, Ms. Nagatoro !, which is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

High school freshman Hayase Nagatoro has been teasing Naoto Hachioji nonstop for a reason – she’s intrigued by his artistic side. Naoto is true to himself and Hayase wants him to appreciate his authentic side with his art. But it goes slow.

Miss Nagatoro!The school festival is coming up and the art club has a little situation. The third-year club president disapproves of Naoto’s antics with Nagatoro’s team, and if he can’t make a better work of art than hers, the club will be shut down entirely. Hayase is firmly on Naoto’s side, but Naoto himself doesn’t fully appreciate him.

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Hayase is rejected as the subject of Naoto’s sketch

There is no time to lose. The festival is coming up and Naoto feels the pressure. He’s up against a rising star as an artist, and as he explains to Nagatoro’s gang, the art club president can compete with college-level art students. In particular, he recently made a nude self-portrait that really drew a crowd, thanks to his fairly mature physique and excellent artistic technique alike. Naoto isn’t sure he can handle this, and even Hayase’s words of encouragement aren’t changing his mind. She volunteers to be his subject as a token of friendship, but after a few sketch sessions, Naoto isn’t sorry. Hayase will not be the key to victory against the club president.

Hayase was kind enough to volunteer his help, but at this point, Naoto feels guilty for involving her in their enmity, and he doesn’t want her to get hurt by losing. So, with Sakura, Gamo, and Yoshi all watching, Naoto gently but firmly dismisses Hayase as his subject, announcing that he will face the club president alone. Hayase storms out, clearly hurt, and her three friends clearly express their disapproval of Naoto before exiting the art room a few seconds later. Naoto got what he asked for, but this may not be what he needed.

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Naoto Hachioji puts more heart into his art

Hayase with Naoto

The next day, Naoto is doing a “still life” painting in the art room when the club president appears. She points out that he is just making neat art, with no real passion or personal style. Hayase watches this scene unfold, jealous that Naoto is spending time with the president, and runs off. Naoto notices her, and the president demands that she go after Hayase and talk about things. He does as he’s told, but Hayase isn’t in the mood for it and runs off again. Clearly she is quite upset and even feels betrayed. Naoto must persist if he wants to fix all of this.

He catches up with Hayase at the school pool and makes a heartfelt confession: His daily life inspires him the most, and he really wants it as his main art subject. Hayase doesn’t quite believe it at first, but Naoto insists, and realizes that his artistic senpai is telling the truth. They both fall into the pool, emerging in a good mood. They are a team after all, and Hayase is gleefully toying with some ideas on what he should wear while serving as Naoto’s subject.

Later, as they walk home in the evening light, Naoto says that he finds Hayase very cute, and they both get nervous once they realize what he just said. Hayase teases him all the way home, insisting that he repeat it again. The Miss Nagatoro! The dream team is back together, kidding and all. Will Naoto find the right inspiration to beat the art club president at her own game?

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