Damian Wayne and Connor Hawke are two of the most dangerous competitors in the Lazarus Tournament, but they prove to be quick friends.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Robin # 3 by Joshua Williamson, Gleb Melkinov, Luis Guerrero and Troy Peteri from ALW, now on sale.

Damian Wayne and Connor Hawke have a lot in common, both in terms of place in the world and current circumstances. In reality, this quietly sets them up as unexpected companions, with their meeting at Robin hinting that they might become closer friends than even their heroic parents.

However, there is a very large block that prevents the children of Batman and Green Arrow from developing a friendship, giving the surprising connection of a more bittersweet element.

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Damian and Connor are competitors in the Lazarus Tournament, a fighting tournament organized by the Lazarus League with the intention of finding the greatest warrior on Earth and granting them immortality. Both young vigilantes are recognized as genuinely talented fighters, and Damian establishes himself as a lethal competitor (albeit after losing one of his two resurrections after his overconfidence killed him), while Ravager quietly believes that Hawke is the person. most dangerous competing in the tournament. . But the couple is also much more similar in personality than they might have expected. After spending a short time with the other competitors at a beach party, Damian gets upset when the conversation turns to how cool his dad is.

Dejected, Damian walks around the island and finds himself on a cliff. Connor was also uncomfortable with feelings on the island and ends up in the same place. Although Damian is initially confrontational, Connor notices how many similarities they have. Both young men have heroes for fathers, and Connor casually reveals his awareness of their ancestry. The couple ends up chatting a bit more about their ties to their parents, as well as the problems they have. The two even seem to be having fun, joking about their parents’ tendency to put kids in danger, having themed vehicles, and their attraction to a specific type of woman. Damian and Connor even end up laughing over their shared experience, both young people really at peace in each other’s company.

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Batman and Green Arrow have always had an unbreakable bond no matter how much they argued, and it seems this trait was passed on to their children. Devastator wanted Damian to find friends on the island so he could relax, and he may have been successful with Connor. However, there is a major problem: The Lazarus League, the people who found and trained Connor to be a fighter, have a deep-seated resentment towards Damian. Having separated from the League of Assassins years before, its leader, Master Dusk, sees Damian as the ultimate example of his father and mother’s arrogance, and orders Connor to attack Damian. The former reluctantly agrees and apologizes to his new friend before giving Damian a surprisingly quick beating.

Connor even sadly follows his orders and throws Damian off a cliff, hoping to seriously injure him and reduce his chances of winning the tournament. Although Damian is saved thanks to the timely intervention of his grandfather Ra’s Al Ghul, this could actually be more of an emotional blow. Damian had finally made what seemed like the beginning of a genuine friendship, only to have obligation and ambition once more in his life. Hopefully, the pair can find a way to make amends in the future, and potentially walk out of the Lazarus Tournament with someone they can trust.

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