While learning about her own abilities, Halle Berry’s Catwoman discovers that Michelle Pfeiffer’s character may have a connection to her.

From 2004 Catwoman starring Halle Berry, it was a commercial and critical failure, earning the Oscar-winning actress a Razzie for her performance. At the time, the film drew heavy criticism for its poor script, as well as the poor costume of the main character. The source material also failed, but despite not having an open reference to Batman or Gotham City, there is a small Easter egg that links Catwoman to 1992 Batman Returns.

On CatwomanBerry plays Patience Phillips, a meek employee of a cosmetics firm. When Patience discovers the sinister secret behind her employers’ new skin cream, they murder her, but an Egyptian Mau cat resurrects her and grants her superhuman abilities. Patience then takes on the persona of “Catwoman” and sets out to bring her killers to justice.

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Finally, Patience meets eccentric researcher Ophelia Powers, owner of the cat that revived her. Ophelia reveals that Patience is the latest in a long line of “Catwomen”, empowered by the Egyptian goddess Bast. As Ophelia explains Patience’s abilities, there is a “blink and miss” moment where Patience is shown a photo of Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman from Batman Returns.

Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman in Batman Returns

There are reasons to believe that these two cat women exist in the same universe. On Batman Returns, Selina Kyle from Pfeiffer is a shy secretary who stumbles upon the true intentions of her boss Max Shrek. Shrek pushes Selina out of a window, but she is revived by a group of cats who flock to her after she lands in an alley. Like Patience, Selina displays greater physical prowess, as well as more aggressive demeanor and self-confidence, after her brush with death.

It could be that one of the felines that revived Selina could have been Catwoman Egyptian Mau. Although it is not clear if two of these “cat women” can exist at the same time, Catwoman It never says what city it takes place in, and Selina Kyle could very well be hanging around Gotham while Patience operates in her own city. Also, at the end of Batman Returns, Selina claims that she only has one of her nine lives left, so perhaps after Selina used her final life, the Egyptian Mau sought out another woman to imbue her power.

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Originally, Catwoman was Intended to be a spinoff of the main Batman franchise, with Tim Burton returning to direct and Pfeiffer reprising his role, but after the success of the more familiar film Batman forever Warner Brothers took a different direction from the more adult-oriented script that had been written. Burton and Pfeiffer eventually moved on to different projects, leaving Catwoman stuck in development for ten years. The script went through several rewrite and stars like Nicole Kidman Y Ashley judd they were attached before the film finally evolved into the final version that was released in 2004.

Ultimately, it is unclear whether Catwoman is meant to be a spinoff of the Batman franchise or if the Selina Kyle reference is just a fun nod for keen-eyed fans. At the time, the concept of a shared cinematic universe was quite unheard of, as it would be four more years until Iron Man started the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008. With The beginning of batman expires one year later CatwomanIt seems unlikely that Warner Bros. would want to continue a franchise that was rebooting. While the similarities in abilities and origin between Patience and Selina might suggest that Catwoman Y Batman Returns take place in the same universe, it seems like this is a question fans need to answer on their own.

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