Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans are tired of Lisa Rinna and her unnecessary drama, and this is why they believe their time is coming to an end.

Many fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Consider that long-time stay-at-home mom Lisa Rinna will no longer be a stay-at-home mom after season 11. Rinna is no stranger to unnecessary drama; in fact, it is usually she who is causing it. This isn’t news to fans, but after her troubles with Denise Richards last season, many people are sick of her and hope these are her last days on the show before Andy Cohen kicks her off.

Rinna has always been caught up in the show’s most dramatic moments. Whether or not she’s involved, she seems to find a way to get involved and become part of the drama. It seems that he has managed to have a problem of some kind with almost everyone on the show. While everyone is used to this housewife behavior, many fans really got tired after seeing Rina drag Denise through the mud for no apparent reason other than ruining her reputation. This particular situation stood out because Rinna was not only friends with Denise for decades, but it’s also the reason Denise got on the show to begin with.

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Many fans are ready to ditch Rinna and have taken Reddit to discuss it. One fan said: “I can’t stand this woman, and I can’t stand narcissists! ” Another said: “In the current season, she’s a crazy squeaky mess. Something is very wrong. Comments continue to discuss how Rinna is starved for attention and just starts the drama to get that attention. Fans also said that her time on the show should come to an end because she was never a fan favorite to begin with. The fans even threw a petition in 2020 to get rid of Rinna, with over 5,000 people signing up. The petition looks at Rinna’s hateful and disrespectful behavior on the show and on social media.

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It appears that Rinna made it into season 11 with the goal of redeeming herself after fans and some of the housewives criticized her for her dealings with Denise. It seems like Rinna has developed a strategy of some kind to play well this season and downplay her typical bad girl nature. While this may seem like a good idea for Rinna after last season, fans believe this plan is going to backfire on her. Although it seems to be quite unpleasant among viewers, it seems like the only reason it still has a diamond is because of the ridiculous drama it brings to the table. Without that drama, Rinna becomes quite insignificant as a housewife.

The fans seem to be quite tired of Rinna. While drama is of course a big part of the show and the reason most people watch it, there is a line a stay-at-home mom can cross when it comes to starting a drama that can make fanatics turn against him. It’s pretty clear that Rinna has already crossed that line in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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