Moira Rose is a fan favorite character in Schitt’s cove, And one of her most adorable features is the graceful indecipherable accent that diverse actress Catherine O’Hara chooses to wear when playing Moira on screen.

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Along with the accent, Moira has a quirky and memorable vocabulary that’s entirely her own, whether she’s referring to a baby not napping as a “baby that’s supposed to be idle” or telling David that Patrick is a “butter”. -price of the voice. “Moira certainly had her own way of speaking that kept fans entertained throughout the series.

10 Disgruntled pelican

Moira and her son David are quite close as mother and son, but sometimes they fight and Moira is also not above throwing strange insults at David. Moira catches David after a one night stand, and David asks why he wasn’t at lunch like he was supposed to be, and she tells him to “stop acting like a disgruntled pelican”. The strange phrase meets a confused look from David, but the viewer laughs.

9 The baby

Moira at the motel talking about babies in schitts creek

Moira and Johnny babysit, and Moira shows off her strange parenting skills as Johnny tries to remember how to care for a baby. Moira becomes frustrated that the baby is crying and asks Johnny if he realizes that “the baby” is crying.

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Moira says that “the baby should be asleep now” in a way that only Moira Rose could, and is one of the best examples of her utterly out of place wording.

8 Positively overwhelmed by meetings

Moira rose meets with sunrise bay directors on schitts creek

Moira is not usually a character who is willing to leave everything for someone, and it shows when David asks her for help and she responds with this Moira-ism. She tells David that she is “positively overwhelmed by the meetings etc“Even though the audience, and probably David, knows that she has nothing to stop her from helping him.

7 Dizzying heights of your moral high ground

Johnny and Moira sitting at the car dealership desk

Moira tells Johnny to be “careful lest you suffer vertigo from the dizzying heights of your moral ground”, and perfectly sums up his characters on the show.

Normally, Johnny tries to bring the family together and be financially stable while the rest of his family, a behavior that begins with Schitt’s coveis the first episode, they cannot adjust to their new lives. Johnny tends to have high morale and gets frustrated with his family, and Moira decided to take him down a bit.

6 Impulsive, whimsical, melodramatic, but wrong

Live stream of Moira at David and Patrick's store

David escapes from Schitt’s Creek and the Rose family goes looking for him. They find him living in an Amish community and convince him to return, but, before returning, the family buys a frozen yogurt and talks about David’s actions.

Moira tells him that what he did was “impulsive, whimsical, and melodramatic, but she was wrong too, “emphasizing that it’s actually completely okay to be impulsive, whimsical, and melodramatic most of the time in her book.

5 Bombarding with anticipation

Moira standing in the vineyard with Herb Ertlinger at schitts creek

Moira is frustrated by the “flash of far-fetched ideas presented” but then is excited that “the room is suddenly bombarded with anticipation” in another iconic Moira-ism of Schitt’s cove. Moira is generally annoyed with the townspeople of Schitt’s Creek, and has a short temper, but coupled with her particularly quirky vocabulary, she is more hilarious than petty.

4 Overloaded with emotional charge

Moira Rose Schitt's Creek Season 4

Unfortunately, Moira comes across the ultrasound photos of Roland and Jocelyn that reveal the sex of their unborn baby, and the couple continue to argue whether they want to know or not. Moira is the only one who has seen what she first called “a photo of a ghost” before learning it was an ultrasound. She continues to be upset because she is the “only emotionally charged one,” being the only one who knows the biological sex of Roland and Jocelyn’s baby.

3 Beau with a butter voice

Patrick with his guitar and David looking at him, in the store, both looking confused

David is concerned when his new partner Patrick wants to host a karaoke night at Rose Apothecary and insists he will perform. David thinks it will be embarrassing, but it turns out Patrick has a great singing voice, and Moira sums it up perfectly.

David is fascinated by Patrick’s performance, and Moira wants to see this special moment in her son’s life that she describes as her “boy serenaded by her buttery-voiced boyfriend.”

two This is not the time for pettifogging

Moira lying in bed crying at Schitt's Creek

Alexis brings up the idea of ​​a singles event at Schitt’s Creek to try and raise money for the city, and Moira rejects it as a silly request, saying she won’t bring it to Council. But, Moira changes her mind at the Town Hall meeting and brings it up as her own idea rather than Alexis’s.

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Alexis is understandably upset, but Moira tells her that “now is not the time to be silly” and that this is the situation they are in right now and that Alexis should help her anyway.

1 Motley crew of Pale Dewey-faced salamander people

Moira rose backstage at schitts creek cabaret

Alexis tries to convince Moira to attend a convention to meet fans of her work, specifically in the soap opera. Dawn bay. Moira completely rejects the request, saying that there is a reason why she has avoided fan conventions in the past.

She claims that all the fans are “a motley bunch of pale, wet salamanders” who want autographs and photos with her and that she hasn’t hit rock bottom yet, so she doesn’t want to attend the convention yet.

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