Mixing Los Angeles real estate and the exciting lives of the cast members, Selling Sunset is one of the most entertaining reality shows in recent years. When Chrishell started working for the Oppenheim Group at the beginning of season 1, that changed the dynamics of the group, and there are countless scenes where the cast members are fighting.

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A reality show is only as good as its intense and exciting moments, and thankfully, Selling Sunset has always wowed fans with every episode. These scenes stand out, whether they deal directly with the interesting real estate world of Los Angeles or the daily lives of Chrishell, Christine, Davina, Mary, Heather and Amanza.

10 Chrishell joined the Oppenheim Group

Dancing with the Stars - Chrishell Stause

One of the most dramatic moments of Selling Sunset It happened from the beginning, when Chrishell joined the Oppenheim Group. Chrishell quickly became one of the friendliest cast members as she was sweet, eager to do a good job, and excited to meet the other real estate agents. While Chrishell was excited about her new job, the others seemed a bit nervous and skeptical of this new person, so watching her start at the office was definitely an intense scene. Viewers wondered how things would go with the other cast members, and it wasn’t long before there was tension between Chrishell and Christine.

9 Christine called Chrishell Fake at a pool party

Reality TV always needs a big event or party so there can be drama, and that’s exactly what happened at a pool party in Selling Sunset. While the officers wanted to have fun in the sun, viewers realized that something was going to happen. Christine and Chrishell argued and Christine called her a fake. This was a big deal as Mary supported Chrishell here, putting her long-term friendship with Christine on the line. Fans of the show know that this was a time when cracks in Mary and Christine’s relationship began to show.

8 Christine’s amazing wedding day

Christine Quinn smiling holding a bouquet in a black dress on her wedding day at Selling Sunset

At the end of season 3, Christine and Christian got married, and it was a beautiful wedding with a gothic theme. Christine had a cake that seemed to bleed from the inside and was wearing two different black wedding dresses.

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Christine’s incredible wedding was another great dramatic moment on the show, as the visual impact of this party was truly unmatched. It was also the setting for some intense scenes, as the cast members talked about Chrishell’s divorce. It was a big deal for Chrishell to show up, but she ended up hearing that not everyone was supporting her and what she was going through.

7 Justin Hartley files for divorce and shocked Chrishell

Fans of Selling Sunset He knew that Season 3 would discuss Chrishell Stause and Justin Hartley’s divorce, and this was particularly dramatic as it let him know via text message that things were over between them. When the news broke on the show, Chrishell was devastated and crying a lot, and in a sweet scene, Mary visited her at a hotel and they had a conversation about it. Fans were equally shocked to see how everything happened and the moment when Chrishell had to accept the end of his marriage is one of the most memorable of the 3 seasons. This also brought a bright spot to Chrishell’s life as he realized how significant his friendship with Mary is.

6 Romain said that Davina could not attend the wedding

In season 2, Mary and Romain were excited to get married, but Romain was not a fan of Davina and did not want her to be on the guest list. While Mary wanted to approach this situation in a calm and polite way, Christine let Davina know what was going on, and it was very painful. Mary was upset and angry about this, which makes sense since she didn’t want Christine to get involved. This stands out as a super memorable Selling Sunset At the moment, as with every episode, it seemed that Christine and Mary were moving further away from each other.

5 Amanza spilled why Heather couldn’t be there for a display

When Heather had a conflict because she was supposed to show a client a listing and was the birthday partner of her partner’s son Tarek, Amanza said she would cover for her. The problem? Amanza said that Heather had something in her personal life and couldn’t be there. Heather was upset that she always wanted to look professional and she didn’t like hearing about this. One of the most dramatic moments on the show, this scene made Amanza feel even more distant from the other cast members as they weren’t so sure of her commitment to the office and her job.

4 Davina had trouble selling a $ 75 million home

Davina Potratz selling sunset

The Oppenheim Group real estate agents are determined and passionate and also deal with some very high-end properties. When Davina wanted to sell a $ 75 million home, she was told it wouldn’t sell and it would look bad for her. She was stubborn and said she could do it.

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When it became clear that Davina was having a hard time finding a buyer, it was an awkward and intense moment, and she kept saying she could be successful. This is a good reminder that while houses in Los Angeles can sell in the millions and there are many wealthy people, not all properties work.

3 Davina and Christine discussed Chrishell’s divorce

Chrishell Stause in the Selling Sunset office

Christine said that Chrishell and Justin were probably in a bad marriage, and Davina wondered about Justin’s “side” of the situation, while explaining that she knew him and that he was nice. Mary got upset and said, “There are no two sides … the right side is Chrishell’s side because she is our friend.” Selling Sunset is definitely a guilty pleasure reality show, and fans enjoyed seeing the personal lives of real estate agents and not just glimpses of the beautiful homes they were selling.

two Cast members said Jason preferred Mary

Another great moment from the first three seasons of Selling Sunset That’s when the cast members said Jason was favoring Mary and helping her get better listings and more opportunities. Of all the main cast members on the show, Mary and Jason have a history since they used to date. They were upset to hear people say this, and both said that this was not the case at all. This dynamic plays out several times on the show, as their bond is questioned quite a bit.

1 Chrishell got hurt and left Christine’s wedding early

Chrishell and Mary talking about the Sunset sale

As soon as Chrishell appeared at Christine’s wedding, fans realized something was going to happen, as of course a reality TV scene about a wedding can’t just be to celebrate a happy couple. The drama came quickly when she realized that the topic of conversation was her divorce and that Davina and Christine saw things from Justin’s perspective, not hers. In a wild moment that viewers will always remember, Chrishell left early, shocked, hurt and excited. This sets up what is sure to be an incredible season 4.

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