Throughout the different eras in the history of video games, certain consoles have defined the way the public plays. The Atari 2600 brought the arcade into the home for the first time, the NES reinvigorated a crowded and dying market, and the titanic modern game companies are constantly releasing new content.

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However, since the market is open to any competition, there were many more failures than successes. Some consoles were so terribly bad, either in design or content, that they barely sold. Even with a good game or two under its belt, a console must stand out to be successful. These consoles didn’t, although there was at least one decent game each for the poor who got caught with one of these glitches.

10 Atari 5200: Adventure II

Atari 5200 Failed Console Adventure II

The successor to the revolutionary Atari 2600, the Atari 5200 launched in 1982 to great disappointment. While the graphics were a step up from the 2600, the drivers looked like warped phones and barely worked. The simple design of its predecessor also disappeared; the 5200 was unnecessarily bulky and required multiple cables and boxes to be connected to the television.

His best game is possibly Adventure ii, the sequel to the classic Adventure. It had improved graphics and more varied challenges and gameplay. If only the game’s design improvements had carried over to the console itself, Atari might have stayed in the spotlight a bit longer.

9 Nokia N-Gage: Rayman 3

Rayman 3 for Nokia N-Gage device

Appearing in 2003, just before the PSP and Nintendo DS ushered in an exciting new era for the portable gaming market, the Nokia phone company tried to create its own device with the Nokia N-Gage. The console combined a mobile phone and a handheld system, but it was really ugly and had no standout games.

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When making a multipurpose device, it is important to ensure that the customer is satisfied with both functions of the product and that the N-Gage is mediocre on both ends. I had a 2D version of Rayman 3 which looked good and had a solid platformer, but that particular version of the game was also available for the Game Boy Advance anyway.

8 Gakken TV Boy: Excite Invader

Gakken Tv Boy Excite Invaders Failed Space Invaders Clone Console

During the era in which the Atari 2600 reigned, the Gakken TV Boy was introduced in Japan as an alternative. Unfortunately, his games were more rudimentary than his six-year-old competitor. Even his best game Excite Invader, it was just a worse version of Space invaders flipped 90 degrees.

The catch, however, was the fact that the joystick was connected to the console itself, which meant that gamers had to play within inches of the TV screen. This puzzling design choice coupled with the limited and mediocre game library easily explains why TV Boy never made it out of Japan.

7 Tiger Gizmondo: Point of Destruction

Tiger Electronics Gizmondo Point of Destruction Game Bad console

Tiger Electronics was already famous for its low-effort gaming systems when the Gizmondo appeared on the scene in 2005, but the utter incompetence of the Gizmondo’s launch outweighed any other failures. With a library of just 14 titles, the console failed primarily due to a lack of flagship games to drive sales, as well as stiff competition it faced from the DS and PSP.

It sold less than 25,000 units and was labeled by GamePro as the best-selling console of all time. It’s a shame, because your best game, Point of destruction, is a fun and unique space shooter that could have found an audience on a more successful platform.

6 Philips CD-i: Brain Dead 13

Philips CDI Brain Dead 13 Interactive Movie Dragons Lair Failed Console

One of the first CD-based consoles, the doomed Philips CD-i was released in 1990. It was a flop for two reasons: It had virtually no good games, and it was extraordinarily expensive at $ 1,000 at launch. Most PlayStation 5 resellers don’t even have the guts to charge that much.

Most variations of the console also only have one controller port, as they expect the player to connect the controllers to each other for multiplayer play. The best game on the console is Brain Dead 13, an interactive movie game similar to the dragon’s lair and created by ReadySoft. It’s a lighthearted good time, with plenty of unique and comical death scenes for gamers to come back to, but it was also released for PC and ported to other more successful consoles.

5 3DO: The Search for Lucienne

Panasonic REAL 3DO failed Lucienne's Quest RPG console

Another console that failed because it was too expensive, the 3DO launched in 1993 to surprising (initial) critical acclaim. It was named “Product of the Year” by HOUR magazine, but could not be sold due to lack of games and affordability. Its starting price of $ 700 was steep, and none of the games really stood out as flagship titles. Sega had Sonic, Nintendo had Mario, and the 3DO had …Gex, which is a decent game, but it didn’t end up being exclusive to the platform even for a full year.

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The 3DO was simply too mediocre to compete in the thriving video game market. Your best game is The Search for Lucienne, an interesting role-playing game in which you play as an assistant to a magician who tries to cure them of lycanthropy. It was ported to the Sega Saturn, but only in Japan, so 3DO is the only place to play in English.

4 Apple Bandai Pippin: Super Marathon

Apple Pippin Super Marathon Game Bad Console Doom Clone

In 1996, an Apple without Steve Job released the Apple Bandai Pippin console as a multimedia device to the public. It worked as a web browser, a game console, a computer, and more.

Unfortunately, it was unsatisfactory on all these generally attractive features, and at a price of $ 600, audiences left this piece of junk gaming history in the trash. His best game was Great marathon, a compilation that included the first two Marathon games, the first first person shooter games from a young budding developer named Bungie who was still a few years away from achieving massive success with a little game called aura.

3 Virtual boy: Teleroboxer

Nintendo Virtual Boy VR Failed Consol Teleroboxer

The worst Nintendo console of all time is without a doubt the Virtual Boy. In 1996, virtual reality was starting to catch on in the mainstream media, and Nintendo thought they would take advantage. The Virtual Boy had potential, but the execution was abysmal.

The red and black graphics made prolonged use disgusting and painful, and the console had a small tripod rather than an equivalent headband, making even watching the game itself unnecessarily difficult. Teleroboxer, the game that best utilizes the console’s 3D capabilities, has players wielding a boxing robot in a first-person confrontation with a similar opponent. It was one of 22 games created for the unfortunate system.

two Atari Jaguar: Tempest 2000

Atari Jaguar failed Console Wars Tempest 2000 Soundtrack Good

The first 64-bit console, the Atari Jaguar, was a gigantic failure. It was more expensive than the SNES and SEGA Genesis, and it had almost no featured games. Even his claim of 64-bit technology was dubious, as the graphics were the result of a mix of different processes culminating in approximately 64-bit graphics.

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Odd hardware is most likely the cause of system software problems, as the developers didn’t want to code such an awkward console. The games that were made looked the best in 32-bit. Tempest 2000, the best game on the system, is an intriguing space shooter with an incredible soundtrack. Although it doesn’t seem particularly 64-bit, it doesn’t try. Its simplicity is actually what makes it so attractive.

1 RCA Studio II: Highway

RCA Studio WOrst Console All Time Freeway Built In Game

The RCA Studio II is one of those consoles from the early days of the gaming industry that was barely functional and was simply an inferior version of existing consoles. The RCA game library was nearly impossible to play, as most games did not display enough information for the game to make any sense.

The console took several wiring boxes to get started, and it also had the controllers hooked up to the system, which means you needed to keep the bulky thing on your lap while you played. His least terrible game is highway, one of the games built into the console that had gamers slowly going down a road in a 1-bit race car. The prime example of how not to make a gaming console, the RCA Studio II is arguably the worst gaming system of all time.

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