Wendy’s paid tribute to DC’s Watchmen on the company’s social media, changing its logo to look like Doctor Manhattan and writing in his cadence.

Fast food giant Wendy’s bowed to DC on social media with a tribute to the influential comic series Watchmen.

The restaurant chain tweeted an image of a moonscape from Watchmen, with her logo superimposed on it, modified to make Wendy look like Doctor Manhattan, down to blue skin and hair, instead of Wendy’s trademark bright red, and the atom symbol on her forehead.

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The tweet, a dig into competing burger chains using frozen meats in their sandwiches and written in the faltering cadence of Doctor Manhattan, reads: “I’m tired of lunch. These clowns. I’m tired of people stuck in freezers. of his meat “.

DC took note and responded on Twitter: “But you @Wendys are just a hamburger. The tastiest burger in the world poses no more threat to me than your tastiest chicken sandwich.” This prompted a response from Wendy’s: “We are all puppets, DC, I’m just a puppet who can see meat.”

Wendy’s has teased DC from time to time, responding flatly, “Marvel,” when writer Gail Simone asked in 2019 which company she preferred. Jim Lee, DC’s creative director and editor, tweeted a photo of him and then-co-editor Dan DiDio eating hamburgers and drinking sodas from Burger King and McDonald’s.

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Watchmen, published as a 12-issue DC maxi series in 1986-1987 by writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons, was compiled into a graphic novel that has been a perpetual seller. It inspired a film adaptation in 2009, a sequel to a 2019 Emmy-winning television series, and a collection of comic book prequels under the overall title. Before Watchmenas well as the sequel to 12-issue maxiseries Doomsday Clock.

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