As Final Fantasy 16 seems to revert to a high fantasy setting and harsher tone, it resembles the purest fantasy and mature story of Final Fantasy 12.

While fans of the series await more information on Final Fantasy 16, many players look back Final Fantasy titles to see which one might inspire the next sequel. Final fantasy 14 is an obvious choice, as the same development team behind the latest version Final Fantasy MMORPG is working on the new entry in the series, but among traditional single-player games, Final fantasy 12 deserves to be noticed. The return to high fantasy and the more mature politics described in Final fantasy 12 seems to be present in Final Fantasy 16, Y Final fantasy 12 The shift from turn-based combat and separate encounter screens also helps set expectations for the newest title in the long-running JRPG series.

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While many Final Fantasy the games combine elements of science fiction and fantasy in their worlds, Final fantasy 12 it was a return to a more pure high fantasy genre setting. Although Ivalice’s scenario from Final fantasy 12 including weapons and aircraft, the setting was still rooted in magic rather than real-world science fiction or engineering concepts. Games like Final fantasy 6 evoke a steampunk vibe, while Final fantasy 7 Midgar appears to be influenced by the cyberpunk genre, where an overreached corporation creating a literal class divide in a smog-drowned city feels like the works of William Gibson through a lens of fantasy. Final fantasy 9 It was an earlier return to basics for the series, but it pursued a more whimsical aesthetic, making it a Final Fantasy game that felt closer to a Dragon quest title in its appearance and tone.

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The most serious and courageous fantasy world of Final fantasy 12 seems much closer to Valisthea’s setup than Final Fantasy 16. Promotional materials for the new game confirm that there are six main kingdoms on stage, each of which has control over a mother crystal and maintains an uneasy balance of power. This more complex political scenario is reminiscent of Final fantasy 12, where there are two great empires at war, Archadia and Rozarria, but also the smaller nations caught in the middle, including Dalmasca, home to most of the game’s heroes. The story of Final fantasy 12 It was not about winning a war against absolute evil, but about preventing war and the inevitable casualties that accompany it.

Realistic characters and a complex world make FF12 and FF16 the same

What the story and world of Final Fantasy 12 mean for FF16 - Final Fantasy 12 and Final Fantasy 16 Combat Side by Side

Final Fantasy 16 appears to have a similar setup structure, with the Mother Crystals and Dominants (people with the ability to summon magical Eikons to do their bidding), replacing The Mist and Nethicite as the magical powers that could turn the tide of battle. . The realistic characters, return to high fantasy and focus on the politics of Final Fantasy 16 evokes memories of Final fantasy 12 more than later entries like Final Fantasy 15, with its frequent inclusion of modern technology like cars and cell phones along with elements of fantasy. In terms of a battle system, the new game is likely closer to FF15 and the FF7 remake, as an action RPG with a focus on control Final Fantasy 16the protagonist, Clive Rosfield, more than a system of partisan tactics.

There are still many unknowns around Final Fantasy 16, but the information published to date suggests a spiritual successor to Final fantasy 12. The character designs shown resemble the more ingrained fantasy designs of the heroes of Ivalice in Final fantasy 12, with even more simplicity and functionality in their looks. Final Fantasy 15 The protagonist Noctis came from a royal line, and the new hero Clive is the eldest son of the Archduke of Rosaria, but Clive seems to lean closer to Princess Ashe in FF12 than the very modern looking Noctis.

With only basic information posted about the setting and a small number of characters, including Clive and his brothers, any assumptions about Final Fantasy 16 they are largely guesswork. The Final Fantasy The series is one that has consistently included tributes to its past: chocobos, summoned monsters, a frequent focus on magic crystals, and characters named Cid, among other things. Given this history of respecting previous games and revisiting similar story themes and structures, it’s fair to say that playing Final fantasy 12 could give RPG fans at least an idea of ​​what to expect from Final Fantasy 16The next bravest return to storytelling in a high fantasy setting.

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