While diving into Clark’s origin story, Superman & Lois explained the real reason Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman keeps his identity a secret.

Superman and Lois I just explained why the Arrowverse’s Man of Steel takes so many steps to protect his secret identity. Since the beginning of his superhero career, Kal-El has led a double life as the reporter for Big Blue Boy Scout and Daily Planet Clark Kent. This is a traditional element of his story that is present in almost all adaptations of the character, be it movies, television shows or comics.

Since the Arrowverse didn’t introduce his version of Superman until he was already the protector of Metropolis, a good chunk of his backstory hadn’t been shown on screen. Much of what is known about his early years comes from sporadic flashbacks, exhibitions, and the brief description of his past in the Superman and Lois series premiere. The Arrowverse took steps to fill the remaining gaps in Superman and Lois Season 1, Episode 11, titled “A Brief Reminiscence Between Cataclysmic Events”, which offered a much-needed origin story for Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) who explored the creation of the Fortress of Solitude, how he met Lois (Bitsie Tulloch) , and more.

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The episode also saw Clark balancing their dual identities, as well as providing a reason why he feels it is necessary to have an alter ego. After their wedding, Clark told Lois that all this time it was about her (although she wasn’t always a part of his life). According to Clark, he somehow knew that this would happen one day and that he would eventually have a family that he would have to protect. Apparently that’s why he’s been so careful to prevent people from finding out that “Clark Kent” is actually Superman in disguise.

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Lois specifically in the center is a fitting explanation, particularly for the Arrowverse incarnation of Superman, as his romance with Lois Lane is so vital to her character. This is primarily in line with what is said or implied in most versions of his story. Generally, Superman, who is the most powerful being on the planet, is less concerned about his own safety and more concerned about his enemies using loved ones against him. Clark has always understood that the fact that her identity is publicly known would make it nearly impossible for her to enjoy a quiet life with Lois, whether in Metropolis or Smallville.

Unfortunately, the big twist in episode 11 threatens to undo everything Clark has done to keep his secret and his family safe from harm. Thanks to a Kryptonian memory probe, Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner) now knows everything. The fear that Edge would tell the world the truth about who he really is forced Clark into a corner and made it possible for Edge to turn him into the evil Superman that John Henry Irons (Wolé Banks) warned them about. Hopefully they will be able to get you back to normal, but that won’t end your problems. As long as Edge lives, the danger of Clark’s secret being exposed remains Superman and Lois.

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