Batman: Reptilian presents a brutal and grimmer take on Gotham City, with the Dark Knight’s usual rogues gallery targeted by a bloodthirsty predator.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Garth Ennis, Liam Sharp, and Rob Steen’s Batman: Reptilian # 1, on sale now.

Garth Ennis and Liam Sharp’s new DC Black Label miniseries Batman: reptile takes place in a decidedly harsher vision of Gotham City that is home to remarkably dark versions of the Dark Knight and his extensive rogues gallery. As Ennis and Sharp introduce readers to the stakes in their story, with a central mystery that points squarely to the various supervillains disguised as Batman, it becomes clear that a new and voracious antagonist is lurking in Gotham and has already passed through. several of the familiar enemies of the Caped Crusader. .

After publicly threatening Gotham’s criminal element, Batman returns to the Batcave where he learns that several victims have been discovered horribly mutilated, with some speculation that the bodies may have been brutally mangled.

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Batman Reptile Villain

As Batman applies pressure to the seediest figures in Gotham to learn more about the monstrous new antagonist who literally takes advantage of the criminal underworld, he learns of various groups of supervillains who have taken on the ravenous villain, often resulting in each one of them is horribly gutted. . No villain who has encountered this hunter has been unharmed, and several recognizable figures such as Riddler and Penguin have been described with horrific injuries.

Interestingly, one of the villains that seems to be on the mysterious new antagonist’s hit list is Killer Croc, like the familiar hulking body of Waylon Jones that he saw in a lineup of the enemy’s high-profile victims. Given the premise and the savage nature of the attacks on the supervillain community, Killer Croc would normally be at the top of Batman’s suspect list, however Croc appears to be safe, although he may still be related to the real culprit. given their shared modus operandi. And with the mystery just beginning, the Dark Knight must venture deep into Gotham City if he hopes to track down evil by attacking its rogues, with a ferocity that has shocked even Gotham’s toughest criminals.

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This mysterious villain who feeds on Gotham’s criminal underworld has yet to be fully revealed and neither has his origin. Killer Croc’s reptilian condition was the product of a rare genetic disorder that was accelerated by a virus that infected him as part of Hush’s larger plan to get revenge on Bruce Wayne. Lurking in the sewers below Gotham, this new villain is constantly building a blood-soaked reputation, surfacing only to strike. And with some of Gotham’s greatest foes already wiped off the board with extreme prejudice on the part of this reptilian creature, leaving the innocents of the city and the Caped Crusader himself as potential targets in the fierce rampage.

Ennis and Sharp’s depiction of the Dark Knight in Batman: reptile paints DC’s flagship superhero as a sadistic and borderline sociopath figure who shirks his civil responsibilities to focus on his violent obsession. With its usual gallery of rogues beginning to be slaughtered by this new reptilian menace lurking in the sewers of Gotham City, this cruel iteration of the Caped Crusader will face a voracious challenge in Reptilemain bloodthirsty antagonist. Ennis and Sharp have swayed out the door, already devastating Batman’s rogues gallery, adjusting focus and placing the stakes as Batman enters the unexplored parts of Gotham to take on his wildest opponent.

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