Central Park, the animated musical comedy on Apple TV +, has a stellar voice cast that portrays the show’s lovable characters. Here’s who is in the cast.

Central Park, the animated musical comedy for Apple TV +, has an all-star cast of talented voice actors who portray the show’s lovable characters. The show comes from creator Loren Bouchard, who also created the beloved animated series. Bob’s Burgers – and fans of that show will recognize the same personable animation style in both series. Also working as creators alongside Bouchard are Josh Gad, who also stars on the show, and Nora Smith, who worked with Bouchard on Bob’s Burgers.

The Central Park The television show follows the Tillerman-Hunter family in their daily life: Father Owen Tillerman is the park keeper and the family lives at Edendale Castle, the keeper’s residence within the park grounds. Viewers are led through the story by a fourth wall-breaking busker named Birdie, while a billionaire named Bitsy Brandenham tries to take over the park to turn it into condominiums and shopping malls. The show is a charming and fun timepiece, especially for those with some knowledge of the New York City area of ​​the same name, and offers a gracious look at the world and its people.

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The Central Park The cast of shows comprises many recognized and acclaimed voice talents, known for past productions as varied as WandaVision, Frozen, Hamilton, The Umbrella Academy, Y Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. What is certain is that they are all talented singers and broadcasters, bringing true heart to the show. Here are all the cast members of Central Park, Season 1 and Season 2 of which now air on Apple TV +.

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Central Park Main Cast

central park apple tv main cast 2

The first character to appear in Central Park is Birdie, the busker who also guides viewers through the show, voiced by Josh Gad (Frozen, Beauty and the Beast). The Tillerman-Hunter family is at the center of the show’s action, and their stories are closely followed. Owen Tillerman is the father of the family and caretaker of the park, and is played by Leslie Odom Jr. (Hamilton, One night in Miami) while his wife, Paige Hunter, is played by WandaVision the prominent Kathryn Hahn, the mother of Central Park. Paige is a journalist trying to convince her editor that she can write “real” news. In season 1 of Central Park, her daughter Molly Tillerman is played by Kristen Bell, but the biracial character (Owen is black and Paige is white) was recast after the controversy: in season 2 Molly will be played by Emmy Raver-Lampman. (The Umbrella Academy, Hamilton). The family’s son, Cole Tillerman, is voiced by Tituss Burgess (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, My name is dolemite). After her character was recast for season 2, Kristen Bell will play a new character who will join the main cast.

Also among the featured cast are the voices of enemies of the family. Bitsy Brandenham, the billionaire who wants to buy and develop the land contained in Central Park, is gleefully played by Stanley Tucci, while Bitsy’s scheming maid Helen is played by Daveed Diggs (Hamilton, Snowpiercer).

Central Park supporting cast

Central Park Supporting Guest Cast

Central Park It also features a wide range of supporting and guest stars who join the main cast from time to time. H. Jon Benjamin (Bob’s Burgers, Goalkeeper) portrays Mayor Whitney Whitebottom, a New York City Mayor who works in partnership with Bitsy. Eugene Cordero (Loki, Star Trek: Lower Decks) portrays Brendan Brandenham, a kite-flying boy with whom Molly has a crush and is related to Bitsy. Ranger Elwood is played by Rory O’Malley (american father) and Dimitry, a Russian oligarch, is played by David Herman. Other actors in the recurring cast include Brian Huskey, Janelle James, Phil LaMarr, and Tony Shalhoub. Many of the main and recurring cast also voice supporting characters from time to time.

Many big-name stars also voice guest roles in Central Park, including Fred Armisen (Portlandia) as Esposito, sanitation manager; Stephanie Beatriz (Brooklyn nine nine) as Enrique, a friend of Cole; Early John (Search party) as Augustus, a canine therapist; Ron Funches (Trolls) as Danny; Christopher Jackson (Hamilton) as the skater Glorious Gary; Audra McDonald as Ashley, the sympathy consultant; Andrew Rannells (Big mouth, prom) as another busker and temporary storyteller; and Kelvin Yu (Nobody’s master, Wonder Woman: 1984). Overall, there is a stellar voice behind the show, and more are likely to join throughout Season 2, and the one already confirmed. Central Park season 3.

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