90 Day Fiancé star Angela Deem hasn’t finished changing despite losing 100 pounds. Michael’s wife shared before and after photos of a makeover.

Popular 90 day fiancé Star Angela Deem recently revealed her latest sexy meemaw makeover, but fans are teasing the before and after photos. Five weight loss surgeries later, Angela has lost over 100 pounds, the journey of which is documented in 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? Season 6. However, after the transformation, Angela’s aggressive behavior and divorce decision with Michael has sparked outrage among fans who want TLC to cancel her. Fans aren’t happy about Angela continuing to smoke either, but the Georgia resident won’t let that stop her from making more changes.

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After marrying Michael, Angela found she was short of breath, and when she decided to lose weight, her husband protested. 90 day fiancé He showed Michael as an unsupportive husband, only interested in Angela’s big breasts, and after his surgeries, she is calling him to change after marriage. In 2021, Angela flaunts her new body with confidence, changing her overall appearance from clothes to glamorous hair. But some fans are skeptical about 90 day fiancé Angela, the star, keeps the weight off, as some note that it has instead made her look older than 55.

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In recent photos and videos of herself on Instagram, 90 day fiancé Cast member Angela had a wrinkled face. Angela’s skin was flabby and flabby and she had thick lines around her mouth, cheeks, and chin. Maybe to delete the comments about her “looking for 80Even after her makeover, Angela recently turned to a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon for a hyaluronic filler and injections to get rid of wrinkles. The photos, posted by 90dayselmelanodeviaje showed Angela that she now looks half her size than before 90 day fiancé, doing the procedures and a close-up of her lips before and after.

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Angela Continues Her ‘Sexy Mee-Maw’ Makeover With Lip Fillers,” the 90 day fiancé blogger wrote about images taken from In contact. But the comments from the rest of the fans were not very kind to Angie. “What is the back photo?”One of the followers joked. “The before / after seems to have shut its mouth, ”Someone else posted. “What is the difference?“”I can’t tell which is before or after,” Y “50 something happening 78637474848584838 years,It was some of the other comments mocking Angela’s makeover. Fans also wondered why Angela was undergoing procedures, especially after the abscess she was crying for. 90 day fiancé.

Some TLC viewers asked Angela to pay them back, but some concluded that she didn’t say “no to cigarettes”It was the cause. While a fan was seen joking that probably “injected her lips with nicotine“Asked another colleague 90 day fiancé observers to “take notes” before writing, “No shade, but those who smoke and lie in the sun all day”While pointing to the photo of Angela. On 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? Angela blamed Michael for her heavy smoking, but according to her latest GI uploads, she’s not just hanging out with Michael, but with her cigarettes as well. But at least Michael agrees with his 90 day fiancé wife doing more and more procedures, it seems.

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