Food seems to find its way into every great comedy show, and Friends It’s no different, with the show having some fantastic food-related moments over the course of its 10-season run, from practical jokes about the use of food to simply the mention that it creates a joke.

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With Monica as a chef by trade, there will always be some references to food within the show, although it is not always through her character that these iconic moments were created, as other characters have also been involved with food jokes.

Updated June 26 by Matthew Wilkinson: While food is never the main part of this series, it is something that comes up frequently due to the fact that Friends is all about normal life. So there is a great balance between normal moments with food, from meals to funny cooking mistakes that everyone can understand.

But because the show is as iconic as it is, many of the foodie moments ended up standing out. Whether it’s people wanting to recreate them or eat something their favorite character has tried, the show brought up some memorable culinary scenes.

fifteen Floor cheesecake

Cheesecake may not sound like an amazing meal, but when you show how cheesecake is actually consumed, it makes sense why fans remember it so vividly, this being an amazing moment. Chandler and Rachel end up fighting over cheesecake in the hallway of the apartment building, causing dessert to spill all over the dirty floor.

While it may seem disgusting, the couple decide to make the most of the situation and just eat it off the floor. However, while that’s fun, the best time here is when Joey comes in and takes out a fork that’s already in his jacket and starts eating off the floor with them like everything is totally normal.

14 Mockolate

From a piece of food that only has a small role to play in an episode of Friends to one that dominates, with mockolate as one of the show’s most iconic food pieces, and this stems from Monica finding a job creating recipes for a meal using a fake chocolate substitute, called mockolate.

Despite resembling chocolate and being rated ‘better than chocolate’, the taste is nothing like it, as everyone who tries it ends up saying it’s horrible, with Rachel and Phoebe hating the food, and Phoebe stating ” this is what evil must taste like “. Monica eventually ends up running away from work, though she almost ends up with another horrendous ‘Fishtachios’ food task, though that’s never fully explored within the show, unfortunately.

13 Crab cakes

Being planted is never a pleasant experience, but for Ross, that’s something that happens within the show. He’s in the restaurant waiting for someone to meet him, but that never ends up happening, making him a terrible disaster from a date that was one of the worst in the entire series.

However, all is not lost, because Ross is given some crab cakes at home to cheer him up. It’s the food that he loves, and listening to the moment, Joey tries to get the same treatment.

12 Gallon of milk

Throughout the course of Friends, Joey does some ridiculous things and when it comes to food and drink he’s more than sure to take on the world, trying to take on as much as possible like he’s in an episode of Man vs Food, and one example is when he goes to the war with a gallon of milk.

This actually comes from Phoebe trying to help fix Joey’s acting resume due to the fact that it was full of lies and lies that she made up to sound better, with one example claiming she could ride a horse. Another one of his ‘abilities’ is that he can drink a gallon of milk in just 10 seconds, which he claims he can do. Of course, that leads to a hilarious physical comedy when Joey continues to do that, pouring milk all over the place in a hilarious moment on the show.

eleven Nestle Toulouse

This is a rare example of how Friends brought in brand-name food to create a great joke on the show with Phoebe and her family’s incredibly secret cookie recipe, which she claimed had been passed down from several generations of her family.

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However, while Phoebe is happy to talk about these classic cookies, when Monica breaks things down, she quickly realizes that it is just the Toll House recipe for the famous Nestlé brand of chocolate chips that her family has been using. Phoebe claims that her grandmother got the recipe from her own grandmother, Nestlé Toulouse, which is when the auction begins and fans realize what happened.

10 Monica’s Candy

Monica making candy on Friends

Candy is something everyone can enjoy, and that’s why it’s no wonder it springs up within Friends. Monica makes hers and graciously puts it on her apartment door for other people to grab for free and try.

However, this candy ends up being so popular that she is overwhelmed and the orders become too frequent for her. But even though it makes Monica stressed, it helps make it very memorable because audiences wonder what it would taste like.

9 Friend stuff with cheese

Anytime Friends She wears a lot of makeup and prosthetics, it’s clear that something funny is going to happen, and while Monica usually gets that treatment, for this particular food example it’s Joey (who loves food) who ends up getting changed.

This is from a vision where Monica and Joey end up married, leading to her simply feeding him while Joey calls her his “little chef.” Monica tells Joey that she’s giving him his favorite and shows him the table that’s full of cheesy friends stuff!

8 Thanksgiving Yam

Who could forget the incredible Thanksgiving episode of Friends which featured Brad Pitt as a guest star on the show as an old friend of Ross’s, who was supposed to eat healthy until he sees his arch nemesis, Rachel Green.

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This is when the secrets start to spill out as the ‘rumor’ is revealed, creating some incredibly tense and hilarious moments that lead Pitt’s character to lose his cool and give in to carbs, demanding that Monica fill his plates with yams. , in a hilarious moment. of the program.

7 Wax

Joey, Monica, Chandley and Phoebe eating wax on Friends

Wax is not something most people would advise eating, but in Friends, that’s exactly what happens. Desperate times call for desperate measures as most of the group end up trapped in Monica’s bedroom while Ross and Rachel have a big argument in the apartment.

Not wanting to disturb them, they all stay inside the bedroom, but the situation goes on for hours and makes them hungry. With no real food available, they turn to eat wax, which is a fun way to break the tension of the argument.

6 Jam cookies

Every time Joey comes up with something that he thinks is sheer genius he always relates to the gold of comedy, with his proud exclamation that he created “Jam Crackers” being a perfect example of that, spilling over from the fact that Monica ends up making tons of jam.

While she ends up going a bit crazy with her production, it’s not something Joey complains about, as he eats as much as he can. What makes it funny is the fact that Joey has a dislocated shoulder in this episode, and the jam cheers him up like a little kid as he dives into graham crackers.

5 Lasagna Engagement Ring

Another great example of Monica overcooking is when she makes lasagna. While the dish is excellent, it prepares too many in an attempt to get it right. However, everything goes wrong when Rachel ends up leaving her engagement ring inside by accident.

This creates a fun moment where Joey and Chandler have to separate the food to locate the jewels and that leads to an iconic scene that people remember and in turn makes this an iconic foodie moment.

4 Turkey to the Head

This is one of the most famous images in the history of the entire show, with Monica standing with a raw turkey on her head, which has become something that has been marketed by the show to show just how popular she is. become.

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Within this Thanksgiving episode, Monica tries to have a romantic moment with Chandler and uses the turkey on his head as a method to cheer him up, which is a sweet and a bit strange moment. However, Joey does not understand what is happening and ends up screaming and running away as if he has seen a ghost.

3 Sugar-o’s

Jon Lovitz guest star on Friends

The popular moment where Jon Lovitz makes a cameo in Friends leads to a fun time involving food. At first he seems to interview Monica about a job as a chef, however when he seems to be tasting her food, he actually feels like eating.

This leads to him having no appetite for Monica’s dining experience and instead hopping into his cupboards in search of something to cure his need for food. That’s where the Sugar-O appear.

two Moisture Manufacturer

The moisture creator is something that is never actually shown Friends, so fans have no idea what it looks like. But it’s the incredible story that comes from this famous sandwich that makes fans remember it so much.

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Friends It is well known for its fantastic Christmas episodes, and this sandwich comes from that with the ‘moisture maker’ it is an adored turkey sandwich that Monica creates using leftover Thanksgiving turkey, which Ross always has the next day. However, this time Ross arrives at work to discover that someone has eaten his sandwich, which includes a layer of gravy-soaked bread in the middle, causing him to completely lose his cool in an incredible moment on the show.

1 Trifle feet

Monica is the group’s trained chef, but that doesn’t stop the rest of the gang from trying to cook every now and then, with Rachel even getting into the cooking mix on “The One Where Ross Got High.” This takes place in the sixth season of Friends how Monica organizes Thanksgiving dinner.

She allows Rachel to cook the dessert, however the pages of the cookbook end up sticking together, leading her to make a plate that is half a trifle and half a shepherd’s pie. This leads to an incredibly funny moment where the group eat dessert, inadvertently hurting their feelings while eating meat and trifles, prompting Ross to hilariously tell Joey that it “tastes like feet.”

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