Ragnarok Record features 14 human fighters chosen from among humanity’s greatest, but how do human fighters compare to real-life people in history? The Netflix anime takes some artistic liberties to bring these historical figures to life, a feat that is particularly understandable considering that some of the characters have no known images or likenesses of them. Here are the 14 human fighters and their real life counterparts.

Ragnarok Record tells the story of a pantheon of gods of the world. Every 1,000 years, the Council of Gods meets to decide whether humanity should continue or die out. When the gods decide to end humanity, the Valkyries can convince the gods to stage a battle that would allow humanity to fight for their existence. It was decided that 13 gods will fight to the death against 13 of humanity’s best in the battle of Ragnarok. If seven humans win their battles, humanity will continue; if seven gods win, humanity will be extinct. The human roster includes historical figures from different eras and cultures, including Adam, Jack the Ripper, Buddha, and Simo Häyhä.

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While the entire roster of human fighters has been announced, not all of them have appeared on the series thus far. Ragnarok Record is an adaptation of a manga of the same name, and some fighters that have appeared in the manga did not appear in Ragnarok Record season 1.

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Lü bu

log of ragnarok lu bu

Lü Bu (voiced by Kaiji Tang of Jujutsu Kaisen) was a Chinese military general and leader of the Eastern Han dynasty, known for being one of the most powerful warriors in history. Lü Bu served under multiple warlords from the early 190s to 199 AD when he was captured and executed. Throughout his years of service, he frequently changed allegiance and betrayed alliances, ultimately leading to his execution by the warlord Cao Cao. A physical description of Lü Bu is not known, but it was illustrated by later dynasties. Ragnarok Record draws inspiration for Lü Bu’s character design from these illustrations (though they are more gratuitous with his musculature). On Ragnarok Record, Lü Bu’s prowess is reflected in his divine strength and speed, durability, and stamina.


Adam Ragnarok Record

In the Bible, Adam (voiced by Jonah Scott of Sk8 the Infinite) is described as the first man, created by God and placed in the Garden of Eden. Then Eve was made from his rib, and the two existed together in Eden. After they ate the forbidden fruit, the couple was kicked out of the garden. They would go on to have children together who would populate the Earth, meaning that every living person can trace their lineage back to the original Adam and Eve, at least according to the Bible. Adam has been painted or sculpted by various artists over the centuries, typically portrayed as a fair-skinned man with long, fair hair. On Ragnarok Record, Adam possesses divine abilities that include Eyes of the Lord, an ability that has nuances from Marvel’s Taskmaster. As Adam was designed by a god, he is given the ability to perfectly replicate any move used by any divine being he sees, making him a formidable foe.

Sasaki Kojirō

Sasaki Kojiro Record from Ragnarok

Sasaki Kojirō (voiced by Keone Young from Teen Titans Go!) is a famous swordsman from feudal Japan, sometimes referred to as “the strongest swordsman in history.” Sasaki’s sword skill in real life is evident in the Ragnarok Record version of the warrior, whose sword skills make him equal to the gods in combat. Sasaki was famous for his speed with a blade, and his iconic “swallow cut” technique, said to mimic the movement of a swallow’s tail, can be seen in Ragnarok Record. He is able to memorize and analyze his opponent’s movements during battle, making him nearly impossible to defeat. The real-life Sasaki was defeated in battle against the legendary swordsman Miyamoto Musashi, although some historians speculate that Musashi cheated to defeat him.

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Jack the Ripper

Ragnarok Jack the Ripper log

Jack the Ripper is one of the most infamous serial killers in human history. Jack the Ripper was never caught, so his true appearance and identity is unknown. During his reign of terror, Jack the Ripper murdered at least five women in London and gutted them with surgical precision. On Ragnarok Record, Jack is a British gentleman with a sadistic heart. He is a skilled strategist and master of stealth, skilled with knives and can discern a person’s emotions as fields of color with his right eye.

Raiden tameemon

Raiden Tameemon Record by Ragnarok

Raiden Tameemon is one of the best sumo wrestlers in history. At 6’5 “and 373 pounds, Raiden was seen as a giant in his day. In his career, he racked up 254 wins and just 10 losses, giving him a 96.2 winning percentage, an all-time high. During his career, some fights would ask you not to use your usual moves, just to make the fights last longer. Ragnarok Record, Raiden possesses divine strength and the strongest muscles in human history, with a wide range of sumo techniques. Without the seals on his body, his muscle mass would increase to the point of destroying his bones, but with the seals removed, Raiden possesses incredible physical strength.


ragnarok buddha record

Buddha was born as a human named Gautama Siddhartha, but the philosophical figure was able to achieve enlightenment and divinity during his lifetime. In real life, Buddha was the founder of Buddhism, one of the largest religions in the world. Along with the Valkyries, Buddha is not in favor of destroying humanity and therefore, despite achieving deity status, Buddha decides to fight on the side of humans. His deity status grants him divine abilities, such as precognition and the ability to share power with the Pure Land.

Qin shi huang

Qin Shi Huang Record of Ragnarok

Qin Shi Huang was the founder of the Qin dynasty and the first emperor of unified China from 221 to 210 BC. C. Qin Shi Huang expanded the size of China, implemented massive economic and political reforms, and left lasting impressions on Chinese history. Qin Shi Huang has yet to appear in Ragnarok Record, but his design was released in the spinoff manga “Shuumatsu no Valkyrie – The Legend of Lü Bu” in December 2020.

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Simo Häyhä

Simo Hayha Record by Ragnarok

Simo Häyhä, nicknamed “The White Death”, was a Finnish military sniper in World War II and the Winter War against the Soviet Union. He is credited with killing 500 men over 100 days, the highest number of sniper killings in any major war. Häyhä was seriously injured after a bullet struck his lower jaw in 1940, leaving his face permanently disfigured. Although it has yet to appear in the series, its design was released in early 2019.

Okita souji

Okita Souji Record from Ragnarok

Okita Souji was the captain of the first unit of a special police force in Kyoto, Japan known as Shinsengumi, which was created to protect representatives of the shogunate. He was known to be one of the best swordsmen in the force, but he died at a young age due to tuberculosis. There are no known photos of Okita Souji, but the Ragnarok Record The character appears to be modeled after photos of known Shinsengumi members. Okita has not appeared in Ragnarok Record still, but its design was taken from a series published in the same magazine, Chiruran: Shinsengumi’s Requiem.

The remaining fighters

record of gods and humans ragnarok

There are five fighters left on the human roster that have yet to be seen; Nikola Tesla, Michel de Nostredame, Sakata Kintoki, Grigori Rasputin, and Leonidas I. Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor and engineer with countless inventions that continue to influence modern technology. Nostredame was a French astrologer and seer who wrote a collection of 942 predictions for the future. Sakata Kintoki was a samurai known for his warrior skills and was the basis for Kintarō, a popular hero from Japanese mythology. Grigori Rasputin was a Russian mystic and saint. Leonidas I was a king of Sparta and the leader of the 300 Spartans who were made aware of modern times with the Zack Snyder film, 300.

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