Pokémon Unite allows players to customize their Pokémon with cosmetic skins to customize their appearance. Here’s how to get them.

Pokémon Unite is the latest spin-off in the series and its first foray into the online multiplayer battlefield, or MOBA, genre, popularized by games like League of Legends. After curious fans had the opportunity to learn more about the game during the beta, interest in the concept increased. Another similarity between Join and other games in the MOBA genre is its skin system.

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Skins are cosmetics that alter the visual appearance of a character and provide players with a degree of visual customization. These cosmetics have nothing to do with the game, do not provide stat upgrades or unique abilities, and are purely cosmetic. Several funny skins were leaked before Joinlaunch, as the pirate captain Cinderace and a pilot style for Talonflame. As there are a large number of playable Pokémon in the game at launch, with more planned for future releases, fans can expect a wide range of skins to choose from. Players can also customize their own avatar wearing holowear clothing to join in on the fashion fun. Here’s how players can earn more skins to outfit their battle buddies with stylish accessories.

When Pokémon UNITE launches on Switch and mobile devices

Use Aeos gems

  • Aeos gems are the main currency in Join and they are the easiest way to acquire more aspects. While they were obtainable during the beta by completing certain challenges, unfortunately they must be purchased with paid microtransactions. As it was possible to obtain some for free during the beta version, players may have more opportunities to acquire them in the future of this exclusive spin-off game. Players can exchange their Aeos Gems using the in-game store.

Use fashion tickets

  • One way to unlock more skins is by purchasing skins! Fashion Tickets are an item that players receive when they purchase skins for their Pokémon, which can then be exchanged for even more customizable cosmetics. The number of tickets that individual masks produce varies, so it may be wise to purchase the masks that come with most.

Level up the battle pass

  • The final method to get more cosmetics is with Joinbattle pass. As with other games, Pokémon Unite you will have a battle pass for each new season. As the player’s BP or Battle Points increases, they will reach new levels and get a reward each time they do so. Some of these rewards are cosmetic, so playing and earning lots of BP is one way to earn skins. To unlock the Battle Pass, players will need to spend a select number of Aeos Gems to access. The items that can be unlocked from the Battle Pass vary by season, so there will only be a limited amount of time to obtain them.

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Pokémon Unite It will launch on Nintendo Switch in July 2021 and on mobile devices in September 2021.

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