In the Star Wars universe, it’s safe to say that the Jedi are some of the most beloved characters. However, Jedi (and their Sith counterparts) come in all shapes and sizes. Any race could have a force-sensitive son among their ranks to become a Jedi or Sith.

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However, among all the variety, there are some species that are naturally inclined towards the powers of the Force. Just as lineage plays a role in some people’s Force capabilities, so does species. These races are the ones that have the most Force-sensitive born each year, supporting the Jedi and Sith ranks.

Updated June 26, 2021 by Melody MacReady: Seeing as never being explicitly explored in the canon Star Wars media, it can be difficult to accurately gauge which species are the most powerful carriers of the Force. The best clues have been the characters and their abilities displayed in the many canonical movies, shows, games, comics, and books for many years. This means that the Legends books or comics have no influence in judging how powerful a Force-sensitive race is. Instead, it will rely on newer material, including Marvel comics, The Mandalorian, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for reference.

10 My squids

Although the most popular Mon Calamari are the leaders of the Rebellion; Before the Empire arose, they were actually prominent members of the Jedi. They have always fought for justice in the galaxy. Many Jedi came from Mon Calamari, and they all did their best to improve each world they visited.

An example of a Jedi Mon Calamari was Nahdar Vebb, trained by the famous Kit Fisto. Those who breathe water must stick together. If only fans could see even more Mon Calamari Force users in action.

9 Rodian

Although most people know Rodians from the infamous bounty hunter Greedo, these star-eyed people are quite strong in the Force. There were several Jedi of this race, and they appeared to be becoming Force-sensitive when the Empire took control of the galaxy.

For example in Star Wars: The Clone warsNot only was there a Jedi Master named Ropal, but also a Rodian Padawan and a Force-sensitive toddler on the Jedi’s immediate radar. These people deserved to see the galaxy more as their peacemakers and protectors, but unfortunately, the galactic civil war sent more of them back on the hunt for bounty.

8 Cerean (Ki-A-Mundi)

Ki Adi Mundi from Star Wars

At first glance, Cereans look like simply cone heads. But in their large brains, they actually have a special connection to the Force and create more Jedi than many other races. Even Cereans who are not Jedi have some traditions of the Force, solidifying them as a powerful and Force-connected species.

It may have to do with a binary brain with an extra heart in its head, but they are expert thinkers and that helps them as Force users. However, this binary brain had some advantages, as it allowed some Cereans to learn Sith abilities without compromising their Jedi nature. They just compartmentalized it.

7 Togruta

For fans of the wise Shaak Ti or the darling and daring Ahsoka Tano, they will be happy to know that the Togrutas are definitely one of the strongest species in the Force. After all, the Togruta are quite spiritual people; Some people do not believe in wearing shoes because they feel that this blocks their connection to the earth. They also valued and preferred teamwork, which only goes to show how truly betrayed Ahsoka felt, to leave everyone behind.

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Between their spirituality and their interconnected nature, they are a perfect race to have a special and more tangible connection to the Force than others. However, it is interesting to note that the majority of Togruta Jedi are female.

6 Kel Dor

Plo Koon from Star Wars

One of the most influential and powerful Jedi in history was Plo Koon – a fantastic Jedi Master and pilot. However, he was not the only Kel Dor of the Jedi Order. There were several of their kind serving as galactic warriors and peacemakers.

Despite their need for their breathing apparatus, the Kel Dor have a clear connection to the Force, not only for battle but also for piloting. How Anakin Skywalker used the Force to help him navigate a starfighter. Plo Koon and another Kel Dor, Bo Keevil, were ace pilots.

5 Twi’Lek

Despite the Canon’s affinity for overlooking Twi’Lek people or treating them badly, the Twi’Lek are surprisingly powerful Force users. They have one of the highest Force-sensitive numbers in Jedi history, including the famous Jedi Master Aayla Secura.

Twi’Lek people may be treated like slaves to the rest of the galaxy, but they clearly have a power that makes them strong and resilient. Not only do the Twi’Leks deserve more credit for their contributions and abilities, they also free them to be the rightful peacemakers of the galaxy. Their natural athleticism would make them perfect.

4 Humans

Clone Wars Anakin and Obi-Wan

There is definitely a bias towards humans just because of the sheer volume of them in the galaxy. However, that doesn’t rule out how many powerful Jedi came from their ranks. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, Mace Windu, Kanan Jarrus, Skywalker’s legacy, all were powerful humans who made an impact on the galaxy due to their aptitude for the Force.

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There are so many human Jedi that listing them could drive a person crazy. Due to the large human population, the strength of human Force users varies greatly, and there are many humans who can never feel the Force at all. That is what makes them lose from the first places.

3 Zabrak

Darth Maul and Asajj Ventress from the Star Wars universe

The Zabrak, also known as Dathomirians, are a unique and very powerful species in the Force. Their entire culture is based on the sensitivity of the Force and the strength of each generation. That is why Darth Sidious came to your planet and stole Darth Maul to train him; he knew innate power. Raising a Zabrak of your own, especially one from a powerful lineage, could give you a huge advantage.

However, turning the Zabrak and his Night Mother into an enemy was a mistake. Too many people in the galaxy underestimate the Nightsisters as swamp witches, but their grudge dispute and neutral use of the Dark and Light Forces make them a power to be reckoned with.

two Zeffo

Along the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the young Jedi Cal Kestis follows the breadcrumbs and learns through the entrances of Eno Cordova’s hologram the history of Zeffo. The Zeffo are an ancient and seemingly extinct race of beings who harnessed the Force in ways that made the Jedi appear weak in comparison. Unfortunately, this sheer amount of power was also his downfall.

They studied all aspects of the Force: light, dark, and in between with multiple temples on different planets in the galaxy. They built Force-driven structures and mechanics, Force-driven robotics, and more. One of the Zeffo became corrupted, causing its near extinction until Zeffo fled, disappearing from the galaxy forever.

1 Yoda species

Little is known about Yoda’s species, not even the name of his people. However, fans know enough that his people are inherently strong in the Force, live for centuries honing their skills, and are some of the most fearsome Jedi.

While Yoda is a great example of this, even young Grogu displays terrifying aptitude in the Force. A mere little boy by his standards and he can lift an entire Reek with his mind and strangle Cara Dune with the Force. His abilities, even from a young age, are absolutely out of this galaxy.

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