Sword Art Online is full of girls who are in love with Kirito, but the founding member of his harem may be Klein, his first partner.

Sword art online It may be about Kirito’s adventures navigating threatening virtual realities, but everyone knows it’s a cheeky harem anime too. Although Asuna is the only canon girlfriend Kirito has ever had, practically every girl he meets seems to develop feelings for the talented swordsman. However, the first person to show interest in Kirito is not a girl, it was Klein, his first SAO co-worker.

Hitting each other almost instantly after meeting, Klein and Kirito form the first Sword art online friendship, and they remain close comrades throughout the series. While some may argue that Klein has only shown friendly love for Kirito, there is strong evidence to suggest that he may have had romantic feelings for his playmate as well. There are a multitude of girls in love with Kirito, but Klein may have been the founding member of his growing harem.

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When Klein joins for the first time Sword art online knows very little about the game, but is determined to learn to drive. The outgoing video gamer quickly identifies Kirito as a beta tester and asks the experienced gamer to teach him the basics of fighting. The two form a bond while training, forcing Kirito to consider it long term SAO partner even though they met that day. When Akihiko Kayaba announces that players who die in the game will die in real life, Kirito comes up with a plan for the two to flee together and survive side by side.

While Klein seems impressed by Kirito’s plan, he declines the invitation to help his other friends survive with the knowledge he learned from Kirito. As a former guild leader, Klein assures him that he will be fine and Kirito turns to leave. However, before leaving, Klein asks him to exchange a few heartfelt words of farewell. She fidgets and stutters before professing, “You have a very pretty face,” and also adds, “You’re my type.”

After Kayaba transformed players from their avatars to their real life appearances, Klein makes a point to acknowledge Kirito’s appearance and express how much he likes it. You could argue that Klein’s coy comment is a joke or that it just stimulates some kind of “bromance” relationship, but the timing is undeniably sweet and confessional. Furthermore, Kirito’s kind reaction is as pleasant as his response to the girls who approach him, except for Asuna, of course, to whom he openly expresses his feelings.

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Sword art onlineThe English dubbing changes the dialogue between them to sound less flirtatious, Klein says that Kirito looks “cool” and prefers his real face to his avatar. However, English dubbing is notorious for censoring gay content. Sailor moonNeptune and Uranus, for example, became cousins ​​rather than romantic lesbians. SAOThe Klein X Kirito moment is obviously much more subtle, but erasing those queer vibes raises a few eyebrows.

It is also remarkable that the moment of flirtation they share starts an endless tendency of people who admire Kirito. The harem is built after Klein, and the next girls, Sachi, Silica, and Lisbeth, are also drawn to Kirito. Klein also shows interest in many girls, but Kirito’s feminine appearance may have legitimately attracted him just as much as the women who followed his example.

Although Kirito and Klein spend a lot of time apart while sailing Sword art online separately, they cling to that first friendship and care for each other until the end and beyond. Klein constantly worries about Kirito’s dangerous mindset of going solo, always urging him to join his guild to be on the safe side. She has shed tears several times believing that Kirito was in danger. Certainly, it is possible that this strong friendship is related to Klein’s deep-seated romantic feelings.

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