In the latest issue of Batman: Detective Comics, it is revealed that Lucius Fox is NOT the Bat-Family gunsmith and technology provider for Bruce Wayne.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Detective Comics # 1037, “3 minutes”

In the latest issue of DC’s Batman: Detective Comics, the real reason Lucius Fox agreed to be Batman’s gunsmith is revealed. Serving as one of Bruce Wayne’s trusted confidants, Lucius Fox has helped run Wayne Enterprises for years (also knowing that he is Batman). He also served as the Dark Knight’s gunsmith, equipping him with the latest gadgets, technology, and vehicles Wayne Industries has to offer from its R&D department. However, a new backing story has revealed that Fox did not actually agree to join Batman’s crusade for the sake of Bruce Wayne.

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Without a doubt, Lucius Fox and his family have played a significant role in the Batman mythos, bringing considerable support and expertise to both Bruce with his company and Batman in providing the tools necessary to fight crime. Not only has Lucius long been Batman’s gunsmith, but his sons are quite involved as well, with Luke Fox eventually becoming Batwing, while Lucius’ estranged son Tim (aka Jace) becomes next. Batman in DC. Future state event. After Bruce Wayne’s supposed death, Tim assumed the position of informal successor who was eventually accepted by the majority of the Bat-Family in their war against the Magistrate.

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However, Detective Comics # 1037 features a back-story from writer John Ridley and artist Dustin Nguyen titled “3 Minutes,” which reveals the complex nature of Lucius’ involvement in Batman’s crusade. The short story shows one of Lucius’ early days in the Batcave, supporting Alfred with Batman and Robin, who are fighting a large force of arms dealers. While a very overwhelmed Lucius comes up with the idea of ​​creating an EMP to purchase the Dynamic Duo at some point, he creates a 3-minute blackout for their communications, leaving no way for him or Alfred to contact Batman. During these uncertain minutes, Fox expresses concern about Batman’s crusade with Alfred, in particular for involving Dick Grayson and putting him in danger at such a young age. While Alfred assures Fox that Batman knows what he is doing and that he would give his life to protect Robin, Lucius still has his doubts. However, he decides to stay as Batman’s gunsmith. because of his reservations, revealing that he never stayed for Bruce.


Clearly, this new story provides an interesting dynamic that greatly changes the way Lucius has viewed Batman and his mission in Gotham City. While he has undoubtedly been a trusted friend and ally of the Dark Knight over the years, that his motivation comes from opposition to Batman’s decisions to expand his circle of vigilantes is certainly intriguing. Especially when considering the roles your two children play in the present and the future.

All in all, this story shows that Fox’s main motivation was not to keep Batman armored and protected (although he certainly did), but to make sure others were protected from becoming collateral damage in his wake. As a result, it certainly gets bat Man Y By Lucius Fox relationship in a very different light, albeit one that better explains Fox’s inaction and compliance with the magistrate during Future state when the vigilantes were outlawed and banned from operating in Gotham.

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